Wounded veteran gets his service dog to be the best man at his wedding

Dogs are considered to be a man’s closest companion by everybody… But occasionally they go above and above; they become your best guy.

In the instance of one veteran and his devoted service dog, who have such a strong relationship that when it came to his wedding day, he had to incorporate his dog in a particular way.

Veteran of the US Army from Silver Spring, Maryland, Justin Lansford. He had an injury while serving as a paratrooper in Afghanistan in 2012.

According to Justin, “We hit an IED and it completely overturned my truck.” My left leg was amputated as a result of having both of my femurs severed.
But Justin received a chance that would alter the course of his life while he was recuperating in the hospital. Warrior Canine Connections matches military members who have been injured with assistance animals.

Gabe, a golden retriever, was sent to Justin.
Justin needed help readjusting after losing his leg, and Gabe was a huge help.

The less I use my wheelchair, the more I rely on him for assistance with lesser activities, and vice versa, said Justin. Knowing that has been really soothing.

He assists me with many tasks. He can serve as a solid base for me to depend on while I ascend and descend. In the event that I trip, he will rush up next to me, and I may use him as a push to stand up.

However, Gabe went above and above to assist him. He immediately established himself as a friend and a source of comfort.

According to Justin, “Since day one, we’ve been attached at the hip.” He is there for me every day, all day long.

The dog had a profound effect on Justin as well as on his longtime girlfriend Carol, who worked with Warrior Canine Connections and was aware of their close bond.
According to Carol, who spoke to Buzzfeed, “you have to make sure a support dog is always happy and that they’ll adore the person they’re with forever.” When they first met, Gabe was wriggling, sobbing, and rolling on the floor as soon as Justin entered the room.

Therefore, it seemed only fitting for Gabe to attend Justin & Carol’s wedding in 2015 to be a part of the event.

However, Justin wanted his cherished dog by his side on his special day and gave him a place of honor: his best man. While some people use their pets as ring carriers or just as guests, Justin wanted his dog by his side on his big day.

According to Justin, “He goes everywhere I go.” He will undoubtedly be there to support me emotionally when I need it. The wedding shouldn’t be any different, why?
There was no doubt that the bride approved of Justin’s first selection.

Justin and Gabe frequently travel together, so Carol remarked that her wedding did not seem like it should be any different. He deserves to enjoy the experience with us because he is such an important part of our lives.
Justin remarked, “Having him close by was extremely wonderful.

“I don’t believe a single eye was dry at that time. The ‘aww’ during the ceremony was very constant.
Your wedding is a highly unique occasion, and you want to spend it with the people who have helped you the most.

Gabe’s presence in the center of their special day feels only natural.

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