Woman, 60, Who Looks Just Like Her 30-Year-Old Daughter Shares Her Tips On Looking Great

Although age is just a number, society is fixated with how old people are, particularly women. Even while aging is totally normal and anticipated, women may find themselves battling as they get older with the expectation from society to appear a specific way.

That hasn’t prevented people from pursuing young, particularly superstars and influencers. In addition, our culture tends to applaud those who appear younger than they actually are. However, in an effort to serve as better role models for the broader public, several celebrities have publicly expressed their satisfaction with how old they seem. Nevertheless, the beauty standard is frequently held up to those who maintain a young appearance as they age.

Influencer Dawn Hubsher, 60, is one lady who well understands the importance of appearing young for her age. Cher Hubsher, Dawn’s 30-year-old daughter, and she routinely share images and videos of Dawn’s excellent sense of style on social media. Even Cher has been likened to her by admirers who claim that they resemble twins. It is impossible to ignore their parallels.

Fans naturally wanted to discover Dawn’s secrets for maintaining her wonderful appearance because she is so beautiful and it is obvious that she works hard to look so fantastic. The most practical piece of advice Dawn offered was psychological rather than practical: “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she said, adding that “being positive is what it’s all about.” That’s some sound advice that we might all remember when life’s stress affects us on a daily basis.

Dawn made the decision to share her top five strategies for continuing to look (and feel) wonderful, though, knowing that eager women worldwide would be interested in more actionable advice.

Drinking enough of water is Dawn’s first suggestion for looking beautiful and, to be honest, feeling fantastic as well. According to Harvard Health Publishing, drinking adequate water offers several other health advantages outside ensuring hydration. Making sure we drink enough water is crucial for our health since it helps with digestion and cushions joints.

A balanced diet is also high on Dawn’s list of priorities. While Cher adheres to a rigorous vegan diet, she prefers to maintain a vegetarian diet that excludes meat and fish. No of one’s age, maintaining a healthy weight and giving their body the energy it needs to keep active are both possible with the appropriate diet.

So it comes as no surprise that Dawn leads a healthy, athletic lifestyle that provides her limitless energy. She exercises every day with her daughter, and the two of them have even launched their own brand of activewear.

The following piece of advice from Dawn is to avoid the sun and wear a hat outside in order to further shield yourself from harmful UV radiation. Even if it isn’t sunny outside, she advises wearing SPF to protect your skin. It is true that “even on overcast days, up to 80% of the sun’s dangerous UV radiation can penetrate the clouds,” according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. You may lower your chance of UV damage, which can cause wrinkles and skin cancer, by covering your skin with SPF.

Last but not least, Dawn prefers to proactively take care of her skin using tried-and-true products. Her go-to skincare products include hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

You now know Dawn’s straightforward advice on how to look amazing at any age.

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