Wild Coyote Finds An Old Toy In The Snow And Acts Like A Puppy

Although coyotes are notorious for being cunning and aggressive, the one in this post is a complete exception. He demonstrates how lively wild animals can be, much like our domesticated pets.

A wild coyote was discovered in the backyard of photographer Pamela Underhill Karaz, who lives in a remote area of upstate New York. A toy was found in the snow, and the coyote played with it.

He proceeded to the center, glanced over, and then made the decision to slightly climb back up. He entered the trees, emerged at the border of our yard, and left his scent on a dead limb (which is how I know it was a male). He scanned the area, investigated some footprints, and smelled them in our yard before coming to the toy. He approached it, sniffed the area where our dog had rolled, picked up the toy, dropped it, and then gave it another sniff.

The adorable moment then took place. After picking it up, he started tossing it around as a dog would play with a ball in the air. He picked up the toy, threw it in the air, picked it up again, and almost buckled about with it for five to ten minutes, after which he simply nonchalantly strolled off with it.

Thankfully, Karaz recorded everything on her camera and uploaded the pictures on social media. She believes that the “Toy Thief” has frequented her yard since toys have frequently vanished from there.

This served as a nice reminder that all animals—wild and domestic—are actually not all that different from one another. They try their hardest to live in an often highly hostile world while having personalities and sentiments. They are not all that unlike from us.

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