Twins sisters celebrate 100th birthday together – gave up their lives to live final years together

No of your age, celebrating a birthday is a great event! And if you chance to turn 100, the day is much more memorable.

Together, the twin sisters marked their 100th year on the planet. and during that procedure they spoke about their lives…
Together, Norma Matthews and Edith Antonecchi just celebrated their 100th birthdays. Even after one hundred years after their birth, the twin sisters are still very close.

Norma told the journalists, “People adore that we’re still together. “Since the day we were born, we have done everything together.” They are quick to rejoice when things go well, but they also support one another no matter what happens.

Norma said, “Edy was always there for me, and I was always there for her. “Edy always seemed to be aware when I was ill. To check on me, she would either phone or hurry over.
Even while it might appear that everything has always been peaceful, the sisters slyly admit that sibling conflicts were formerly fairly prevalent.

“When you put a dime in your pocket, nothing happens. The girls claimed their grandma always encouraged them to put two pennies in their pockets so they would jingle.

They were reared by a single mother after being born in Revere, Massachusetts.

Edy said, “We didn’t have it easy, but we had a lot of fun. “We had fun on our terms.”
Edy went on to work as a nurse after high school, while Norma continued working as a hairdresser. Three months separated the weddings of both sisters. For 51 years, they were neighbors. They made sure their entire lives that they were never more than two cities or, at most, a single bus ride apart.

We would be living separately for the first time, Norma explained. We so came to the conclusion that it was crucial for us to always be in close proximity to one another.
3 months after her sister, Edy wed her beloved Leo “Chick” Antonecchi. Two boys were born to the couple. One of them lost away from cancer four years ago. Leo died in 1994 as a result of an automobile accident. Charles passed away next; in his latter years, he had been battling Alzheimer’s.

The sisters had sadly lost both of their spouses and had to make a major choice.

They chose to relocate to Florida together. The sisters now reside in a mobile home park and depend on friends and kind neighbors to bring them to church, the grocery store, and senior citizen events.

Their next-door neighbor Margaret Shaffer remarked, “Norma is the talkative one, while Edy is more quiet.” “Norma is gone if you take them to a restaurant; she needs to stand up and interact with everyone. However, they both brighten the space.

The sisters assert that they share a powerful psychic bond. Edy could see Norma wasn’t feeling well. The phone would ring as soon as Norma had a thought to contact her sister.

In December 2021, 50 guests arrived in St. Petersburg to celebrate their 100th birthday.
Norma stated, “We couldn’t be without each other.”

Edy replied, “We came together, and we depart together.

Norma continued, “I’d do anything for Edy.”

She is everything to me.

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