Twins Born On Different Day, Month And Year Were Delivered Just 15 Minutes Apart

Even though their twins were born only 15 minutes apart from one another, one Californian family has decided to celebrate two birthdays every year!

The news that they are expecting twins would probably thrill the majority of parents. There is undoubtedly some additional stress and uncertainty about the future, but there is also a doubling of happiness and joy in the family. When a woman releases two eggs at the same time throughout one cycle, fraternal twins are created. These eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm. One egg and one sperm combine to form identical twins. Thus, fraternal twins and identical twins both share 50% of their DNA.

According to Very Well Family, women who receive fertility treatment and those who come from families with twins or multiple births typically have a higher chance of conceiving twins. Other factors like a woman’s height and weight can also influence whether she will give birth to twins.

The twins, who were born on December 31 and January 1, respectively, surprised their parents and are now the youngest of the Trujillo family’s five children. Alfredo Antonio Trujillo, the elder twin, was born first at 11:45 p.m. on December 31, 2021, and Aylin Yolanda Trujillo followed at precisely midnight on January 1.

In a statement of its own, Natividad Hospital in Monterey County, California, the hospital where the twins were born, also rejoiced over this exceptional and wonderful birth. To learn more about the Trujillo family and their new babies, continue reading.
Aylin weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces when she was born, and her older brother Alfredo weighed 6 pounds, 1 ounce, according to the Natividad Medical Center’s statement. Amazingly, Aylin was also the first child born in Monterey County and at Natividad Medical Center in 2022.

Fatima Madrigal, the mother of the twins, said, “I think it’s crazy that they are twins and have different birthdays. “She arrived at midnight, which surprised and pleased me.”

According to USA Today, after being discharged from the hospital, Aylin and Alfredo joined their three older siblings in the Trujillo family. There are already two sisters and a brother for Aylin and Alfredo. Madrigal claimed that her family was eager to meet the newborns and that her oldest son was thrilled that one of the babies was a boy.

The Natividad Medical Center clarified how unusual this occurrence is and stated: “Every year, 120,000 twins are born in the United States, accounting for just over 3% of all births. However, twins with different birthdays are uncommon; in fact, some sources put the likelihood of twins having different birthdays at one in 2 million.”

The birth of the twins has delighted many people besides just the Trujillo family. Family physician at Natividad Medical Group and Natividad faculty member Dr. Ana Abril Arias said, “This was without a doubt one of the most memorable deliveries of my career.” Added her: “It was a true pleasure to assist these young children in 2021 and 2022 in making a safe arrival. What a spectacular way to usher in the new year!”

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