This proud father was overcome by the public’s reaction to 3 photos he posted on social media

Living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is Ciarán Shannon. Niamh Shannon is his daughter, and he just decided to show his love for her in a collection of pictures he shared on Twitter.

Shannon submitted three images of his kid that he felt captured his daughter’s academic development in the “How it started. on the site. How it’s going.

He didn’t anticipate the post’s popularity to soar.

He told BBC, “I’ve simply been watching the numbers go up and up.” “Watching the electric meter when the tumble dryer is on is like that.”
There is no doubt that the public has connected with something.

He said, “I’m astounded by the response my images have received. The good news is that about a million people are now aware of my daughter’s accomplishments.

Three pictures of Shannon and his daughter holding hands in their yard over the years were provided by Shannon.
In September 1999, Niamh attended St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School for the first time, as shown in the first picture. The second picture was shot on her last day of school in May 2013, while the third picture was taken to commemorate her university graduation in 2018.

The post received 948.9K likes and 88.6K retweets quite rapidly, and both numbers are still rising. Users praised Shannon’s message for its warmth and relatability.

Today, Niamh teaches math and science, and Shannon is still pleased with what his daughter has accomplished.

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