The Breakout Star Of ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Bradley Cooper’s Real-Life Dog

People have fallen in love with the movie because Cooper used his own dog, Charlie, in it.
And the winner of the prize for the best good boy in a movie is… Dog of Bradley Cooper.

In his feature film debut, “A Star is Born,” Cooper cast his real-life dog, Charlie, to play the role of the dog Jack and his on-screen girlfriend Ally (Lady Gaga) share.

Although Jack and Ally don’t have children in the film, Cooper told People earlier this month that Charlie is “part of their story” in the same way that a kid would be. Charlie appears in a number of emotionally charged situations throughout the whole film.

People on Twitter are raving over the dog, proving that he is a real acting pro.

I swear, if Bradley Cooper’s dog doesn’t win Best Supporting Actor this year I’m gonna drop out of film school

— Rossi (@slylingual24) October 7, 2018

However, despite the fact that this specific movie still has been widely shared, Cooper’s dog isn’t the pup in this scene:

when I found out Charlie is Bradley Cooper’s dog in real life. #AStarIsBorn

— kaye (@kayeisme) October 7, 2018

For the movie’s breakout actor, all the praise for Charlie has been like a giant collective belly rub.

heart exploded when I learned Charlie from A Star is Born is BCOOP’S REAL LIFE PUP. 12/10 good actor and good boy.

— Kayla Foley (@llayla) October 9, 2018

Cooper, 43, was given the inaugural Compassion in Film Award by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which applauded Cooper for the casting.

According to a press statement from PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, “Bradley Cooper’s joyful, cute, and much-loved puppy takes the stage — and viewers’ hearts — in this movie because it’s obvious that he liked being with his real-life ‘dad’.” “PETA hopes that Cooper’s gracious choice establishes a precedent for all of Hollywood to follow because we have seen so much cruelty and mistreatment of dogs, both on and off set.”

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