Sylvester Stallone provides his thoughts on Bruce Willis and his fight with aphasia

Bruce Willis, 67, the star of Die Hard, received an aphasia diagnosis earlier this year, which his family made public.

Many people were shocked and dismayed by the revelation because the sickness is degenerative in nature.
Sylvester Stallone, Willis’ longtime buddy and a fellow Expendables actor, recently spoke out about his pal.

The longtime buddy of Stallone, 75, has been “incommunicado” ever since the diagnosis, according to Stallone.
“Bruce is experiencing some very, really challenging circumstances. He has so been rather unavailable. That kills me. Sly told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s extremely awful.

Willis’s first diagnosis was revealed, and “Sly” immediately texted his coworker some encouraging words.
He posted on Instagram, saying, “We go back a long way, hope for the best for you and your amazing family.”

Because of their shared engagement with Planet Hollywood in 1991, the two megastars have known each other for a long time. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Willis’ ex-wife both worked on the project.
Later, in 2010, both of the pals appeared in the Expendables movie series. According to rumors, the two started fighting during shooting the sequel, and as a result, Willis ended up quitting the third movie.

Thankfully, they were able to mend their relationship over time, and they frequently praised one another in print and online.
trapped in his own thoughts
Due to a disease that made it all but impossible for him to continue performing, Bruce Willis revealed in March 2022 that he would be retiring from acting. Aphasia, a cognitive illness that affects and inhibits a person’s capacity to express and comprehend words, was identified as the actor’s condition.

Since his family revealed his diagnosis and decision to leave acting, Willis has avoided the media. According to accounts, it appears like Willis is spending much of his time “stuck” in his own head and seldom leaves the house.
But every now and again, a member of his family will upload a photo of Willis to let us know everything is alright.

Emma, Bruce’s wife, and their kids are currently doing everything they can to take care of Bruce. But she also finds that things aren’t quite simple for her. The mother of two stated to The Bump in May that taking care of everyone in the home has had an impact on her health as well.

“Recently, I heard that when you give someone too much of yourself, you wind up giving yourself too little of yourself. That really spoke to me and stopped me in my tracks, Emma said.

“I don’t mother myself flawlessly, but I am aware of the fundamental requirements that are a must… I believe it’s crucial to start with the one thing that makes you happy and expand from there.

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