Service dog got his owner through grad school, so the university gave him his own degree

For those who require them, service dogs may be important companions. They not only make wonderful, devoted pets that will be by your side when you need them most, but they may also offer medical and emotional support.

As a result, the institution concluded that a particular service dog was deserving of a significant distinction after he remained by his owner’s side throughout graduate school.

From Wilson, North Carolina, Brittany Hawley uses a wheelchair and battles complicated regional pain syndrome. She qualified perfectly for a service dog and a few years ago, the paws4prisons program gave her one.

Griffin was the dog she had been looking for ever since she first met him: “Some dogs were terrified by the wheelchair,” Brittany told AP. Griffin immediately got onto my lap and licked my face.
Griffin entered her life as she was preparing to start an exciting new path by enrolling at Clarkson University to earn her master’s degree in occupational therapy.

The dog showed his value by attending all of Brittany’s lessons and assisting her in various ways, such as opening doors and retrieving supplies. He also shown himself to be a supportive buddy through depressive and anxious times.

With him, Brittany said, “I felt more autonomous, I was more sociable, I was more extroverted.”
Griffin and Brittany flourished at Clarkson, and by the end of 2018, Brittany was prepared to graduate.

But she was aware that her service dog was essential to her success. She realized that without him, she couldn’t rejoice.

According to Brittany, “We moved to New York together, we started school together, and we completed together.”

But she wanted him to get his own degree, not merely to be by her side.

“I pushed from the beginning, I want Griffin to graduate with me when I do.”
Surprisingly, the college agreed, and Griffin was given the opportunity to go across the stage and receive his own honorary degree for “exceptional contributions to student achievement.”

Griffin has shown tremendous effort, unwavering devotion, and thorough attention to his owner Brittany’s well-being and academic performance, the board of trustees said, according to a statement from Clarkson.

Griffin is now a complete part of the Clarkson Golden Knights family because the two earned their masters degree in occupational therapy together, going to all the same classes, seminars, and faculty appointments.
Brittany kept working toward her goal of becoming an occupational therapist after she graduated in order to assist with veterans and active duty service members.

Of course, she will continue to have her devoted service dog at her side.

He will accompany me every day as soon as I get a job, Brittany declared.

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