People these days have no clue what these are, but do you remember?

Clever things from the past become more and more out of date as technology advances quickly, apparently making our lives simpler by the minute. This appears to be true in practically every aspect of our life, including how we travel and how we enjoy music. Yes, all things are evolving.

This reduces certain historical “technology” to a hazy recollection, leaving future generations unable to identify some of the objects we treasured at the time. like these little “coins”…

But do you understand their intended use?
If you’re reading this and are over a certain age, you might be familiar with them. They are “needle threaders,” which were a need in every home.

Do you recall when young ladies were taught how to sew? These small ones were a big assistance in getting the thread into the needle’s eye.

Along with a needle, tape measure, scissors, pins, and a pincushion, they were included in every sewing kit.

Although I doubt I ever used them very effectively, I can still remember my mother showing me how to use them. Was it you?
Here is some more trivia… Are you able to recall what they are? If you know what they are, post your comments on Facebook. They were also immediately recognisable to me. Oh my, does it mean I’m becoming old?

And now for three more things that most of my pals won’t understand.
1. Oil can opener spout These vintage opener spouts are built of a sheet metal spout and were used to open cans of turbine engine oil.

When oil was first sold in cans rather than plastic bottles, spouts resembled hand shovels with a triangular metal piece in the center.

Church keys 2.

When I was a kid, before twist-off or pulltab packaging existed, you had to have them. Cans of beer and soda were pierced by these gadgets’ sharp tips!

3. Record converters

What is this then? When you put a record on the record player that was the incorrect size, you could use one of these adapters to make it fit. To youngsters, it probably looks more like a frisbee than anything else.

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