Parents Of Nonuplets Celebrate Milestone Events With Their Beautiful Babies

In May 2021, Halima Cisse, a woman in her mid-twenties, gave birth to nine children. Cisse, who is originally from Mali, was taken to Morocco before giving birth in order to get particular treatment. All of the infants and the young mother are doing well; they are still in the hospital, and their health is improving. Nadya Suleman, often known as Octomom, gave birth to eight children in 2009, more than ten years ago.

Around 30 weeks into her pregnancy, Cisse underwent a C-section to deliver five girls and four boys. At 25 weeks pregnant when she initially went into the Ain Borja clinic in Casablanca, the delivery was postponed for a further five weeks by medical professionals. The boys are Mohamed, Bah, Elhadji, and Oumar, while the ladies are Hawa, Adama, Fatouma, Oumou, and Kadidia. At birth, each baby weighed between 1.1 and 2.2 pounds.

Due to the present health issue, Cisse’s husband Kader Arby had to stay in Mali until the babies were delivered. On July 9, he was eventually granted permission to go to Morocco, but before he could see his kids, he had to spend 10 days in quarantine. Souda, the family’s toddler-aged daughter, had been living with relatives.

The young mother says that she did not utilize IVF or any other sort of fertility therapy, and that the nonuplets were a natural result of her body’s processes. Fortunately, all of the newborns are breathing independently, which is a remarkable achievement considering their early birth. To find out more about these miraculous children, keep reading.
Cisse learned she was having nine kids only moments before giving birth, despite being promised there would only be seven. “As the kids were being born, I had a lot of questions in my head. Cisse told Daily Mail, “I was quite conscious of what was happening and it appeared like there was an endless stream of babies flowing out of me.

“My sister was holding my hand, but all I could think about was how would I care for them and who was going to help me,” the mother stated. Since arriving at the hospital, the babies have received round-the-clock care, and they need an estimated 100 diapers every day. When she returns to Mali, it will be difficult to care for all 10 of her kids.

The father of the infants is really appreciative that all of his kids are doing well. “I simply offer gratitude to God that they have survived and that their health is improving, as well as that of my wife,” Arby said. I was speechless when I first saw them; it’s been hard to process anything.

The birth captured the attention of the entire globe, and Malian officials even contacted the family to offer their congratulations. Youssef Alaoui, the director of the Ain Borja Clinic, declared that it was a source of pride for everyone of Morocco. “Getting these infants out in good health is now the task,” The pair hasn’t ruled out the prospect of having more kids, according to the Daily Mail.

Later, both the mother’s and the babies’ health improved.
They turned one in May 2022, which was also the nonuplets’ birthdate. They were “in wonderful health,” their father told the BBC. “They’re all crawling now,” he continued. Some of them are standing up and, with support, can even walk.

The Moroccan clinic was still taking care of the infants at the time.

Thankfully, the family was still able to commemorate the babies’ first birthdays. Nothing compares to the first year, according to Arby. We will never forget this wonderful event we are about to have. Together with nurses and other residents of their apartment complex, the team had a little celebration.

Arby claimed that despite how young the infants are, they already had distinct personalities. He revealed:

They all have distinctive personalities. Some cry a lot and make a lot of noise, whereas others (sic) are quieter. Some people demand to be scooped up constantly. It’s natural that they are all extremely distinct from one another.

Sadly, the nonuplets still weren’t able to go back to Mali to live with their family at this point, but the nation already adored them. Everyone wants to see the babies for themselves, including family members, friends, people from our hometown and the entire nation, according to Arby.

He was upbeat however, saying:

“I pray that everyone who isn’t pregnant will receive the same blessings that we nonuplet parents have received. It’s lovely and a true gem.

19 months after their birth, in December 2022, the nonuplets were finally reported to have returned to Mali by the BBC. We send the family our best wishes for the present and the future!

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