Pamela Anderson says Sylvester Stallone offered her a condo and a Porsche to be his ‘number one girl’

As she speaks up about her life in a Netflix documentary, Pamela Anderson claims Sylvester Stallone offered her a property and a Porsche in exchange for becoming his “number one lady.”

Anderson, 55, will feature in Pamela, A Love Story, a brand-new Netflix documentary in which she delves into her previous relationships and discusses the sexual abuse she has experienced throughout her life.

The Baywatch actress has reportedly been married five times to four different men, with her most noteworthy relationship being with Motley Crüe singer Tommy Lee, according to the New York Post.

Before making a name for herself as an actor, Anderson began her career as a model for Playboy. Sylvester Stallone, a legendary figure in Hollywood, was one of the stars competing for her attention.

The 76-year-old hero gained notoriety in the Rocky films before emerging as one of cinema’s most recognizable action icons.

According to Anderson, Stallone allegedly sought to pursue her by wooing her with lavish gifts because celebrity frequently brings money.

In the Netflix documentary, Anderson asserts: “To be his top girl, he [Stallone] promised me a property and a Porsche. Does that imply there is a number two, I wondered? Uh-uh!”
Nevertheless, if Anderson’s claim is accurate, Stallone was steadfast in his pursuit of her. She disclosed: “That’s the best offer you’re going to get, honey, he says. You are currently in Hollywood.”

The 55-year-old continues by claiming that she rejected Stallone’s advances because she was searching for true love, but her assertions have been refuted.
When The New York Post contacted the Rambo actor’s team, they provided the following response: “The quote ascribed to my client from Pamela Anderson is untrue and made up. Mr. Stallone affirms that he didn’t say any of that, in whole or in part.”

Tim Allen, an actor, recently had to defend himself after Anderson accused him of flashing her when she was 23. This is not the first time that charges made by Anderson have been denied by individuals involved.

Anderson alleged that the event happened on the set of Home Improvement in her newly published memoirs, which Variety has received. She remarked: “Tim was waiting for me in the hallway when I came out of my dressing room on the first day of filming for “Home Improvement.” He swiftly exposed me while fully nude below as he opened his robe.”

Allen has categorically refuted these charges, stating: “No, it never took place. I never would act in such a way.”

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