Owner Soothes 20-Year-Old Arthritic Senior Dog By Going Swimming In Lake Until He Falls Asleep

If you own a dog, you most likely already understand why they are a man’s best friend. They’ll be there for you right away whenever you need them. They will be the first to offer you comfort if you are depressed. The nicest aspect is that you can be yourself among them without fear of criticism. They do, more than anybody else, provide unconditional love.

In exchange, their fur parents ought to show them affection and provide them the type of care they merit. A difference may be made by providing them with wholesome meals and making sure they have enough time to wander in the park. But above all, they ought to be treated like family members rather than merely as pets. And sure, pet owners must accompany them all the way to the conclusion.

The degree of affection that dogs may exhibit for their owners can be attested to by John Unger of Bayfield, Wisconsin. He was best friends with Schoep, a shepherd mix rescue dog, for almost 20 years. Unger found it difficult to gain Schoep’s trust since he had been mistreated as a puppy. However, he never gave up.

But he just learned that his dog had serious arthritis in 2012. Dog lovers who have experienced canines with arthritis firsthand understand the type of hardship and suffering they must put up with. Unger, on the other hand, was aware that he would eventually have to make a difficult choice.

When he learned that his dog could soon be put to sleep, he was devastated, but he also understood that he could still do something to lessen Schoep’s suffering. Unger was aware that arthritic sufferers might get comfort from water treatment.
So he took Schoep to Lake Superior, one of their favorite places. The veterinarian’s ominous prognosis encouraged him to fetch a photographer to record the occasion.

He had no idea that his close friend and photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson’s image would become viral. In the image, Schoep is seen being carried around by Unger while being submerged in water and being made to fall asleep.

But because of how many dog lovers were moved by his story, he is no longer concerned about Schoep’s medical treatment.

He told TODAY.com that “a woman from Virginia practically paid for the most recent laser treatment on his joints.” “I don’t know how much it costs, but she paid for a whole treatment, and I know I couldn’t have done that,” the speaker said.

People are doing this from all around. It’s really unbelievable. I don’t have to worry about anything at the vet anymore because contributions have already poured in so much, he remarked.

Unger had brought Schoep to Lake Superior before, though. He took Schoep there for the first time 13 years ago to teach him how to swim.

But Schoep wasn’t just any dog; he helped Unger, a man who had struggled with depression for much of his life, by saving his life.

He admitted, “I walked out on the breakwater and I was thinking about suicide.”

He described how Schoep saved his life by “simply snapping me out of that moment” and then going on a nighttime stroll till daybreak.

Unger posted a notice about Schoep’s demise in 2013 on the Facebook page he shared with Schoep.

I Breathe But I Can’t Catch My Breath, he wrote in the caption of a photo of Schoep’s pawprint in the sand.

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