Oldest Latin Grammy Winner In History ‘Had To Wait’ For 80 Years For Her First Award After Being Forbidden To Sing

With all the difficulties and hurdles that may arise along the road, accomplishing one’s goals in life may be challenging. Some individuals can’t help but put their goals on hold, especially when reality places them in a position where they must decide between pursuing their aspirations or something practical.

However, some people still manage to realize their ambitions, even though it may take place years later, despite the fact that many would like to do it the other way around.

Angela Lvarez, an American singer of Cuban descent, demonstrated that, no matter how old you are, it is always preferable to pursue your aspirations. Lvarez won her first Grammy Award at the age of 95, a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

lvarez had always enjoyed listening to music when she was younger. Her father, though, advised her against making a profession out of it. Lvarez learned to sing and play the piano from her two aunts when she was a child. She remarked that she would be the one to perform for everyone at family events, making everyone feel entertained with her passion of music and performance.

Following her father’s instructions, lvarez started a family. She finally gave birth to four children, and according to Billboard, she has nine grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.

Lvarez won the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, making history as the show’s oldest recipient in its 23-year history.

Silvana Estrada, a 25-year-old Mexican singer, and Lvarez tied for the prize when Lvarez won it, but despite the tie, Lvarez has remained appreciative of the honor.

She remarked in her address, “To those who have yet to realize their ambitions, know that even if life is difficult, there is always a way out, and with faith and love, anything is achievable.”
At the age of 95, lvarez won her first Grammy thanks to her grandson, Carlos José, who spent the time and effort to begin her career decades after she had passed away to recapture her youth.

During an interview with Variety, lvarez described the arduous process she underwent to realize her long-held desire of becoming a singer.

“This is something that took place all day and all night. I’ve always loved to sing, and I was always the performer at my family’s Christmas and birthday celebrations when I was a young child. They would make me long dresses and herald my entry to sing, she added.

Lvarez published her self-titled first album in 2021, which had several songs, including “Mi Gran Amor” and “Romper el Yugo” (Break the Chains).

lvarez provided the following advise when asked what she would tell someone who wants to follow their dreams:

“Your life begins now. Always strive to succeed; when the urge to sing, play an instrument, or create art strikes, act on it. Don’t dwell on the possibility of failure either. Continue forward and when you reach the finish line, then you may declare “I can” or “I can’t,” but always try it first.

lvarez is living proof that one’s age should not prevent them from accomplishing their goals and desires, and during the same interview for the journal, she had a very moving epiphany.

There are many open doors in the world, and you are the only one who can close them. The doors will be locked if we don’t attempt. To get to where I am now, I had to wait 80 years,” she remarked.

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