NFL player takes 11-year-old fan, who suddenly lost her father and grandfather, to church’s daddy-daughter dance

11-year-old Audrey Soape has already experienced more suffering than the majority of people.

The daddy-daughter dance at Audrey’s church was coming up, so her mother decided to plan something particularly special. Audrey is a middle school student from Texas who lost her father unexpectedly and then her grandfather to lung cancer in 2021.

Audrey, who resides in Austin, is a major supporter of Anthony Harris, a defensive back for the Philadelphia Eagles and a native of Virginia.

He was contacted on social media by Audrey’s mother Holly, who is also a great admirer, asking if he would accompany her daughter to the dance.
According to Holly, it’s a large ask and rather unrealistic. “I only questioned his willingness to come by asking whether he would come. Not only will I arrive, but I also want to ensure that she feels like a princess, he said.

Anthony not only traveled across the nation to surprise Audrey, but he also paid for her outfit, shoes, hair, and make-up.

Holly told ABC News, “He had a car with a driver come to the house and bring her up.” He genuinely wanted to give her the finest experience possible.

Pictures shared on social media made it obvious how shocked Audrey was to see her favorite athlete.

Soape told KYW in Philadelphia, “I was so anxious, but I was also really delighted.” And even though I had spent the entire week preparing, I was still really anxious. I had no idea what to say.

Fortunately, the 30-year-old ex-player for the Minnesota Vikings knew just what to do.

Holly, a former Minnesotan, told KYW, “Every time I believe he could sense she was becoming apprehensive, he would simply engage in conversion with her.” She was kept on the dance floor dancing and laughing by him.

“Show them your support.”
Anthony claimed that during his career, the family had followed him on social media and had sent words of support and prayers. Anthony simply wanted to take the time to acknowledge them and show his appreciation.
Spending time with an 11-year-old who has suffered so much loss in such a short period of time has also taught him a lot.

“You need to treasure these occasions. The length of our time on Earth is uncertain, Anthony remarked. “Therefore, express support for the individuals you love and care for.”

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