Mom of 10 is raising her biological son and adopted twins as triplets

To the surprise of many who have read their tale online, a mother from the UK decided to raise her son and his adoptive twins as triplets.

According to the New York Post, Alicia Dougherty is the mother of ten children—six adopted and four biological—and runs the “Dougherty Dozen,” a TikTok website where she updates users on the intriguing antics of her large and diverse family.

However, one conversation on the channel where Alicia discussed how she is parenting her son and his adoptive twin siblings who were born in the same year as triplets in spite of the fact that they are of different races and heights has gone viral.
In response to a follower’s pleading inquiry about her “triplets,” Alicia said:

“Our biological son, adopted twins, and both are in the second grade. They were raised as triplets for the most of their lives.

They will tear you apart if you reveal that they are not triplets.

Naturally, Alicia’s choice resonated with internet users, who commended her kindness. Meanwhile, the three lads are completely committed to one another.

No matter what hue their skin is, you can tell how much affection they have for one another, as one reviewer put it: “Triplets for life.”
One more said, “Look how happy they are! Such lovely triplets!

A third person wrote, “They can be anything they want to be!!!!”

According to The Sun newspaper, Alicia previously described how her having 10 kids led to internet trolls making fun of her. She has adopted six children, providing them with a loving home and family, despite the fact that all six of them have behavioral problems and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

“People keep posting on my videos stating they detest our smiles,” the wonder mom said. I suppose I’m biased, but I believe they are all true. Knowing we are deserving of being our most genuine selves brings us happiness.

“We can see the bad. But we ignore it.

“Because we are aware that it stems from the triggers and anxieties of other individuals. Not our fault. It’s their fault.

I’m grateful to those of you who have kept tabs on us throughout the recent weeks because we’ve received a lot of trolling from disgruntled, insecure people.
When Alicia disclosed the complete expense of her monthly shopping run for the family, it also caused some heads to turn. This consists of 25 bananas, 12 pounds of chicken, and 191 bags of potato chips, according to the New York Post.

Such a massive food purchase would cost $1,094, or around $56,000 every year.

Alicia often updates the Dougherty Dozen TikTok account with new content to inform fans on the happenings in her family’s lives. At the time of writing, the page has 168.1 million likes in addition to 4.4 million followers.

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