Kids with Down syndrome pose as Disney characters to show off their incredible beauty

A British photographer has received praise for her picture session with Down syndrome-affected kids who were costumed as Disney princes and princesses.

A “Down with Disney” photoshoot was organized by Nicole Perkins of Nicole Louise Photography to commemorate and promote understanding of the condition. The outcomes? They are, in fact, excellent.

Nicole reportedly came up with the concept after working as a photographer and at a special needs school. Her worlds coming together has proven to be the key to viral stardom.
She told Good Morning America that the Down syndrome community was one of the friendliest and most accepting she has ever encountered.

“It was so much fun making the photos, and the feedback has been amazing. In the process, I’ve met some incredible families, and I’m so happy to see how much happiness the pictures of their kids have given to so many people. I want people to realize that there is a lot more to Down syndrome than what is typically presented in medical settings.

The world is a lot better place because of them because they are such lovely, exceptional individuals.
Nicole wanted to continue spreading awareness after last year’s “Down Right Beautiful” photo shoot, which featured 32 different infants, kids, teens, and young adults with Down syndrome.

She told Fox 5 that the purpose of her photo shoot was to show people the beauty in having a disability. What better way to illustrate that than to use Disney?
We are utterly enamored with Nicole’s creations. Both a celebration of kids with Down syndrome and incredibly moving content? If only more photographers would concentrate on subjects like these rather than being fixated on famous people.

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