It’s Behind You! Hilarious Moment Sneaky Whale Pops Up Behind Whale Watchers As They Look The Other Way

A group of whale watchers were expecting for an epic sighting, but the enormous whale they had been hoping to photograph played them epically.

The whale watchers were taking a trip to San Ignacio Lagoon on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The group of divers, who were all waiting patiently on their boat with cameras ready, almost missed the breathtaking sight when the enormous whale chose to surprise them. They watched the huge ocean in search of whales when one of the whales snuck up behind them in the water.
However, the animal lovers were extremely fortunate because they turned their heads just in time to get some stunning images of the gorgeous animal. Just as it had expected that the curious viewers would have lost the first opportunity, the humpback whale gave them another chance to see it.

Thankfully, the crew was also seen waiting patiently with cameras in hand, but they nearly missed the incredible encounter by turning around as the whale emerged only a few feet from their boat.

Fortunately, the passengers turned around in their boat just in time to see the massive humpback whale pass by them before she disappeared once again. Photos taken from another vessel show the sneaky whale poking its rostrum out of the water while the crew looks forward and points their cameras at the wide ocean in front of them in anticipation.

The encounter was captured on camera by filmmaker and photographer Eric J. Smith while he was at San Ignacio Lagoon on the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. The 49-year-old woman from Los Angeles told how she sneakily and covertly lifted her head out of the water to have a look around. I managed to catch the moment just as everyone started to notice how close she was while I was on another panga a few hundred feet away.

She was gone as soon as everyone turned to face her. There was a lot of jubilation and hysterical laughter. The secret to taking great pictures of whales is to constantly be alert and ready. Because there is a lot of waiting, it is easy to get comfy when whale watching. It seems like the moment you let your defenses down, a significant breach occurs. A close-up of a humpback whale off the coast of Mexico is shown. The species, which can travel up to 16,000 kilometers, is present in all of the world’s seas. Since they are known for breaking the surface, whale watchers like them.

Several dozen feet distant on another panga, I managed to capture the event just as everyone began to realize how near she was. The secret to successful whale photography is to constantly be attentive and prepared.

Humpback whales and other huge whales were once on the verge of extinction due to the whaling industry. The whale population has somewhat recovered since 1966, when killing was declared illegal globally.

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