High school football coach cancels practice, tells players to shovel elderly neighbors’ driveways instead

A high school football team made the decision to stop practice when a winter storm threatened to drop several inches of snow on western Pennsylvania.

Coach Brian DeLallo of Bethel Park High School’s football team told his players to “find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway” rather than doing weights in the weight room.
DeLallo told KDKA that he was preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers game while sitting on his couch when he sent out a tweet telling his teammates that Monday’s training had been postponed.

This is something older than me, he declared.
DeLallo was only continuing the practice started by the former football coach at the school, who taught his players the value of showing generosity to others.

So, when Bethel Park received more than six inches of snow, the team set to work.

Gavin Moul, a junior and team captain, stated, “They’re amazed that we’re not taking money and we’re not doing anything for it.”

Some neighbors, according to Moul, even declined their offer since they wouldn’t accept cash in any manner.
assisting the neighborhood

The team cleared hundreds of driveways in their neighborhood before day’s end.

Danny Varhola, an 83-year-old homeowner, was pleased to have his driveway shoveled by the young guys from Bethel Park High School. In the 1980s, his own kid participated in football at the high school.

He responded, “I’ve been here 50 years, and these folks are fantastic.
You get far more from this than from being asked, “Did you bench press 300 pounds today? This is awesome, honestly. It’s a rare opportunity to interact with the community, so this is good,” DeLallo added.

Moul concurred.

“I’m thrilled about it, and I believe we all are. Not only does it benefit them, but it also strengthens our bond as a team.

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