Hallelujah! ‘Image of Christ’ appears in clouds above Argentina

Wow! What else might serve as evidence that God exists if not this?

The internet is buzzing with a straightforward smartphone snap. The small element that has people thanking Jesus on their knees has been noticed. Why? Considering that it may be a picture of Jesus.

Look at it for yourself, please.
Is it just me, or does the light in the clouds seem eerily like Jesus?

According to the Daily Mail, the image was shot by a woman by the name of Monica Aramayo in San Salvador de Jejuy, Argentina, which also happens to be a very passionately Catholic town.

Doesn’t it also like this picture, which was shot in Italy? Or even Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue?

The head and shoulders of Christ are easily seen in the image. He towers above the town below with his long torso. Many locals undoubtedly felt very fortunate on that day!

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