Grandpa cries holding granddaughter named after beloved late wife for the first time

Despite being too young to have my own grandkids, I will never forget the utter outpouring of love and devotion I experienced every time I got to spend time with my grandparents.

Many of us connect compassion and warmth with visits to our grandparents. I can only image, as a parent, how proud one feels when their own child becomes a parent in their own right. Therefore, I suppose it’s not surprising that things frequently change when someone becomes a grandmother.In any event, you probably won’t come across many tales that make you cry nearly as much as this one. It concerns an elderly father whose emotional response to hugging his brand-new granddaughter has gone viral online.
According to sources, Jayce Lemieux, Ashley Lemieux’s son, and her spouse were planning to give birth to him in 2020.

Jayce, the youngest child, sadly did not live since fate had other plans for the young family.

Ashley and her partner were obviously sad. I miss him so badly it hurts physically, Ashley said in an emotional Instagram post in an attempt to articulate her thoughts.
They were also thrilled to be able to present their daughter to the rest of their family, which included Ashley’s grandfather who had recently experienced his own loss.

According to rumors, Ashley gave the child the name Annie Rae in honor of her late grandma Anna, who had gone away not long before the child was born. Ashley captured the first time Annie Rae’s granddad held his grandchild when he visited Wisconsin.
Ashley’s granddad is seen holding his wife’s namesake while grinning with joy in the video. He even clutches the baby’s hand while beaming adoringly from ear to ear.

He didn’t typically show emotion, but the fact that they shared a portion of my grandma’s name meant a lot to him, according to Ashley. He loved my grandma dearly.

Ashley posted a video of the endearing encounter on Instagram, where it quickly gained a lot of popularity.

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