Flight attendant sits on the floor and holds nervous passenger’s hand during flight

Recently, a flight attendant received acclaim online for going above and above to help a passenger who was anxious during a journey.

A flight attendant, later named as Floyd Dean-Shannon, was caught sitting in the aisle of the airplane holding a woman’s hand as she felt nervous during a Delta trip from Charlotte Douglas International airport in North Carolina to JFK Airport in New York.

A fellow passenger took a photo of the incident, which was then circulated on various social media sites.
This woman was really anxious about flying, so the author described every noise and bump and even sat here holding her hand when she began to feel overwhelmed. @delta Fred Dean Shannon ought to be paid more.

Digital content producer “A Fly Guy” also shared the photograph on Facebook and Instagram, writing that it made him “proud.”

He captioned the photo, “This makes me very proud. “Observe that he is holding her hand. Floyd Dean-Shannon did a terrific job, and we appreciate Molly Lee for recording this special event.
Comments praising the altruistic attendant flooded the various articles, with many social media users highlighting how knowledgeable and composed he seemed to be considering the circumstances.

One Facebook user said, “Notice how he is holding her hand palm to palm, too. This is a relaxing approach that I used to employ with my mother who had dementia.” “It uses a familiar grip and proprioceptive (deep pressure) in the palm at the base of the thumb to give a reassuring and relaxing human connection.”

Another person shared her personal aviation experiences: “This makes my heart happy. When I was 17, I took a Delta flight from JFK to London for the first time. I was so anxious that the pilots let me into the cockpit before takeoff, gave me a safety briefing, and reassured me.
They said, “I’ve always had wonderful experiences with Delta.

A third person added that Dean-Shannon truly merits the pay increase, saying, “He certainly deserves a raise! I suffer from flying anxiety, thus that employee deserves a gold star.
There was also a resoundingly enthusiastic reaction on Twitter.

One user commented, “It is always touching to witness one person taking care of another,” while another, “I need Floyd on my next flight!”

Someone else said, “Well done; rare to see such committed service these days.
The best approach to overcome a fear of flying, according to BrightVibes.com, is to use one or more of these three straightforward methods.

The first is to divert your attention by reading or playing music; the second is to practice deep breathing when you’re feeling particularly worried; and the third and last one is to talk to someone, such as a flight attendant.

You could even receive the Dean-Shannon treatment, you never know!

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