Elderly man rescued from ditch during winter storm and carried to safety by state trooper

Early in the morning, Trooper Tyler Harrington was just beginning his shift when he discovered that an 82-year-old man had vanished during a winter storm.

In the latter part of December, an ice storm caused Bernard Perry, an Alzheimer’s patient, to become lost and stray from his Vassalboro, Maine, home.

Just after five in the morning, his distraught wife contacted 911 to report her husband missing.

At that point, Trooper Harrington jumped in to provide assistance. He responded, “Fortunately, Mr. Perry lives only four miles from my place.
Despite the fact that the roadways were coated in snow and ice, Trooper Tyler Harrington stopped a plow driver and asked him if he had seen an elderly guy strolling nearby.

“I followed the plow truck driver over and asked him to show me where he had last seen him. The plow truck driver gave a rough direction. I could see Mr. Perry off the road in the ditch with the use of my flashlight,” he claimed.

The old guy was unable to talk and was experiencing severe hypothermia and frostbite by the time the trooper reached him. The elderly man was roughly a quarter of a mile from his home and had been in the ditch for around 90 minutes.

He stated, “I’m not sure how much longer he would have had.”
“He could not walk. I had questioned his hearing. He produced a moaning noise that made me think I would have to carry him to safety, according to Trooper Harrington.

Bernard received a blanket while the police brought him to his car. He was then brought to a hospital to recover.

Trooper Harrington downplayed the importance of his that night’s bravery.

“Ultimately, being at the proper location at the appropriate moment. Any one of us—law enforcement officers or civilians—would have acted just as I did, he claimed.

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