Bus Driver Purchases Winter Gear For Children He Picks Up Who Don’t Have Warm Hats & Gloves

Some of the most outstanding people on the globe are bus drivers. Every day, they have the challenging task of driving some of the most valuable goods to and from school.

Severe weather, such as snow, wind, and rain, can be present on some of those days. While bus drivers are responsible for transporting kids to school in bad weather, many also go above and beyond to make sure that those youngsters are clothed for the cold.

John Lunceford, a bus driver from Kennewick, Washington, is one such kind-hearted individual. He found it heartbreaking to occasionally see kids outside in the cold without proper winter clothing on a daily basis. The seasoned bus driver realized he had to take action when one of his youthful passengers boarded the vehicle in 2016 after waiting outside in the bitter cold without gloves on.

The tiny boy’s freezing hands needed gloves, so that was the first thing they did. He didn’t have a spare set of gloves, so he gave the youngster his own pair to keep him warm.

Lunceford didn’t stop there, though. After all, why not assist more kids if he could assist one? Lunceford immediately went to the neighborhood dollar shop when his shift was over to pick up extra winter clothing for his riders. In case another child boarded the bus and wanted to warm up, he grabbed items like gloves, hats, and scarves to have on hand.

Even more, Lunceford made a special effort to provide the first young child who had inspired him with a set of winter clothing.
After distributing the equipment he had purchased for his young riders, Lunceford went one step further. He then went to the neighborhood library to see if anyone needed winter gear. Lunceford made it his mission to make sure all children he came into contact with had the appropriate winter clothing to protect them from the elements after noticing the positive response he was receiving.

When the school district learned of their bus driver’s selfless act, they made the decision to post his motivational story about the first child who had motivated Lunceford to act on Facebook.

The bus driver who helped the student on Thursday was one of our staff members who have big hearts. When the student got on John Lunceford’s bus, he was in tears. After the student had waited for the bus in the bitter cold that morning, Lunceford observed how red his exposed hands and ears were, according to the Kennewick School District.

The little child won’t be the last pupil that Lunceford assists. He assured every student in the school’s library that he would provide them with hats and gloves if they were on his route.

The tale gained notoriety in 2016, but US Army veteran Lunceford insisted he wasn’t doing it for attention. You should know that I’m a grandfather, Lunceford replied. “Nobody wants a child to endure that,”

During the brutally cold months, Lunceford vowed to take care of any children who required his assistance. I’ll take care of you, sweetie, I told a little girl who said, “I don’t have a hat,” Lunceford recalled.

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