Brad Paisley “stalked” wife Kimberly Williams after seeing her film with ex

Brad Paisley is a true gentleman of the countryside. Brad’s wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, frequently attests to his kindness and sense of humor. The couple’s love story is highly intriguing and maybe unexpected!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Brad Paisley have been wed for approximately 20 years. And the pair is open about the methods they use to maintain their spark.
The pair claims that on their wedding anniversary, Kimberly gets out a diary and they both jot down the memorable and significant experiences they shared that year. The two acknowledged that they concentrated on humorous exchanges since they sparked a “feeling of play” in their connection.

The relationship didn’t start off that way, even though they now have their own rhythm and appear incomplete without one another. Brad and Kimberly didn’t even interact for ten years before he began to like her.
Brad’s tale of how he met his wife is arguably the best. The location was a movie theater, but here’s the twist: the actress in the movie he was seeing was Kimberly. Brad was a 19-year-old budding country singer at the time, and on top of that, he was out with another person.

When Brad first saw Kimberly, who had recently made her major cinematic debut, they were watching “Father of the Bride” together. Brad was 23 years old when “Father of the Bride II,” the movie’s sequel, was released.

Brad’s personal life was in shambles when the sequel was published. When Brad first saw the original “Father of the Bride,” he was on a date with a woman who had since dumped him for his best buddy. In a foul mood, Brad made the independent decision to see the film’s follow-up. He remembered thinking, “she looks like a fantastic person — clever and humorous and all the qualities that are so hard to find,” when he saw Kimberly again in the movie.

Fast-forward Five years after seeing the follow-up, Brad was still in a relationship. Brad, though, was now a popular artist who was rapidly acquiring more recognition. Brad had received the Academy of Country Music’s top male vocalist award that year.
Songs about an ex-girlfriend and even going to see “Father of the Bride” were included on Brad’s album “Part II.” He immediately had Kimberly Paisley-Williams in mind for the part when it came time to pick a person for the song’s music video.

Brad personally called the actress, and they discovered that their discussion flowed easily. The pair soon began speaking on the phone every day.

Kimberly grasped the chance to invite Brad out for dinner when he informed her that he will soon be in Los Angeles. He was such a courteous Southern gentleman, she recalled. I was growing irritable.

Brad made the decision to tell Kimberly he liked her in no uncertain terms soon after their first date. In a previous interview, he stated, “I honestly told myself, This time, I’m not going to play games. I won’t act dishonorably now or try to pass myself off as someone else. I didn’t employ my dark abilities!
But the couple’s life wasn’t always happy and rosy. The two had a hard time integrating into one another’s life. Kimberly was a native of New York who had recently moved to Los Angeles, while Brad was a singer from a small town who was just starting to become well-known.

Brad was questioning Kimberly’s Hollywood values and she had no idea what country music was. Since then, the singer has acknowledged that he may have been a touch too judgemental at the time.

However, they also had faith in their love. They were certain there was a connection between them after their first dinner. “We really felt like all the events of our life had come together for us to meet just when we did,” Kimberly remarked of their encounter.
The couple even speaks of exchanging impromptu vows at the end of the Venice Beach pier, with Brad pledging to stand with Kimberly no matter what.

And only six months after they exchanged vows on the pier, Brad proposed to them there. Kimberly has been known to make fun of the fact that he proposed to her right in front of the restrooms!

The pair eventually got married roughly nine months after the proposal. They had two pastors perform the wedding because the two went to separate churches!

Years later, Kimberly is eager to make jokes about her relationship with her husband. She quips that Brad had basically been stalking her, stating, “He pursued me and… I thought, “Alright, I’ll marry you. Isn’t that romantic? He might have ended up in jail or we could have been married.

She frequently appears in music videos, and her spouse has even written a few songs about her, proving that she is genuinely his inspiration. The actress, who calls him her favorite performer and claims to share the same sentiments, frequently finds herself hoping for his attention while watching him perform.

Even after 12 years of marriage, the couple decided to rekindle their vows. They claim that Kimberly’s father informed them that a marriage is successful when it reaches the 12-year mark.
Kimberly was shocked to learn about the renewal ceremony. It was organized by Brad with the aid of a buddy. We conducted a really, really campy wedding vow renewal ceremony, the actress said in response to a question about the event.

Even though the pair appears to have no problems, in reality, they do. Brad disagrees with Kimberly’s emphasis on cleanliness and thinks a mess may be tolerated until the maid comes.

And when there is tension in the relationship, Brad said that Kimberly doesn’t hold grudges and he is quick to apologize. He claims that his wife also keeps him grounded. She “brings him back to reality,” according to Brad, whenever he begins taking himself too seriously. You need to have the same viewpoints and have great senses of humor, he added. In a marriage, pretense should be fully eliminated.
The couple is blessed with a lovely family. On February 22, 2007, their oldest son, who was given the name William Huckleberry Paisley in honor of the famous figure Huckleberry Finn, was born. Jasper Warren Paisley, their youngest son, was born on April 17, 2009, and was named after Brad’s grandpa.

According to Brad, his personal fulfillment has paid off professionally since he now has a lot more material to write and sing about than he did in the past. Brad remarked, “Before, I had just failed romances and life on the road to write about. He feels that his ability to express his feelings via music has increased significantly.

The family is quite close-knit, and Brad has acknowledged that his wife and children have early and exclusive access to the music he creates. Additionally, Brad places a lot of faith in their gut feelings and understands that if they don’t like something, it won’t work.

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