Before-And-After Photos Illustrate ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Star Chris Combs’ ‘Rewarding’ Weight Loss Journey

Many Americans, as well as anybody who can access it abroad, have developed a guilty enjoyment for the TLC television program “1000-lb Sisters.” The show centers on the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton, sisters who previously combined to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and have always relied on one another for support. The television show portrays the struggles they face as morbidly obese women while they search for their own way to health and happiness.

Similar to “My 600-lb Life,” “1000-lb Sisters” features a fan base of viewers who support Amy and Tammy as they overcome hurdles in life, particularly those pertaining to their health and weight reduction. While many people have come to love the sisters for their sense of humor and their close bond, others have remarked on how occasionally uninspired the sisters appear to be to truly take care of themselves and take their health issue seriously.

The difficult lives of Amy and Tammy, two overweight sisters, are shown throughout each season. Together, the two manage their relationship as well as their separate weight reduction objectives and personal life.

Numerous other members of Tammy and Amy’s life are also included in the program, including their brother Chris Combs. While Amy and Tammy’s weight reduction adventures have been fascinating to observe over the years, Combs’ personal health journey has pleasantly surprised viewers. The reality personality published before-and-after images in April 2022 that astounded “1000-lb Sisters” followers.
Combs has committed himself to moving toward a healthier lifestyle. Combs was seen stretching in a TLC video on YouTube and remarked, “I just want to touch my toes.”

He added that he made an effort to make each meal “as nutritious” as he could and to engage in “some type of activity” each day. He said, “The fight is serious. Before Combs underwent weight reduction surgery, all of these actions were completed in an effort to lose weight and demonstrate commitment.

He explained why he wanted to alter his way of life.

“My dad passed away at the age of 57, which is the major reason I desire this procedure. He weighed between 400 and 500 pounds as well. I’m 41 years old and want to see my grandchildren and kids grow up. I want to be able to impart all of my knowledge to them. For my family, I intend to remain present. They are everything to me.

Combs was eager to flaunt his improved figure and “that a fat boy got a suit” four months after his weight loss operation. He said that he had shed roughly 70 pounds, making his weight at his lowest point about 140 pounds less than before. Combs began at 482 pounds and eventually reached 339 pounds.
He said, “Night and day make a difference. Combs’ blood sugar levels had also “leveled off,” and he was no longer in need of insulin.

To the delight of his adoring followers, Combs posted before-and-after images on Instagram with the caption:

I have to admit that this has been the most difficult yet gratifying adventure I have ever undertaken.

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