Beauty Pageant Queen Who Was Bullied In School For Her Hair Makes History As First Redheaded Winner

Jessica Gagen, 27, who was named Miss England in October 2022, will compete for her nation in the Miss World competition in 2023. In the 94-year history of the pageant, the gorgeous natural redhead is the first person to ever be named Miss England. Gagen had endured bullying and other forms of abuse throughout her school years as a result of the color of her hair, therefore she never in her wildest dreams imagined that this would actually occur.

Gagen was motivated to compete in the pageant in order to spread her message to the world and empower other redheads who might have experienced the same bullying she had. She also hoped to encourage young girls and women to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, which are traditionally dominated by men.

Gagen spoke candidly with The Scottish Sun about the bullying she endured, which started as soon as she entered high school.

“I received punches, spit upon, and objects hurled at my head. There was slurring, such as “carrot top,” but the most of it had individuals bringing up my hair color in relation to anything I did, she admitted.

She admitted, “I used to feel extremely horrible about myself.” Gagen only wanted a group of friends, but in addition to being bullied, she also had to deal with loneliness. She said, “I used to cry when I got home.”

She handled things “by bottling everything up,” but she made an effort to remain calm because she was old enough to understand that many of the youngsters weren’t intentionally hurting anyone. “To them, it’s just a passing remark, but when you hear it every day, it adds up,” she added.

Gagen occasionally “didn’t want to be around others,” so she would even have her lunch by herself in the restrooms.
But things started to shift around the end of high school. “I prospered. I was assistant head girl, I had a lot of friends, and I received high marks, she said. Her ambition to share her tale with the public was motivated by her childhood experiences.

“I wanted to bring this to light, which is why I went on the entire Miss England trip. The same things are being experienced by children, and I want them to know that it won’t endure forever. The end of the tunnel is approaching, she added.

Gagen entered the pageant for the first time in 2021 and finished second behind Rehema Muthamia. But by 2022, she owned it. Gagen also contributed £6,000 (about $7,200) to regional organizations throughout her campaign. She achieved this by jogging nonstop for 96 days while donning costumes.

Gagen commented on her historic victory:

“Many people believe it’s about taking home the trophy, but it’s really about spreading your message,” she said.

her message, too? to inspire young females to enter industries like hers that are dominated by men. Gagen, who was pursuing a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, said:

“I want to demonstrate to (young females) the potential of STEM fields because they are still heavily dominated by men, particularly in engineering.”

Gagen has received hundreds of letters from other redheads since being named Miss England, which has overwhelmed her. When she was younger, she took inspiration from notable redheads Prince Harry and Nicola Roberts of the British musical group Girls Aloud. She now serves as that role model for many young people. Added her:

The awful chapter doesn’t persist till the finish of the book, so keep reading, I’d want to say for anybody going through a same issue.

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