Airline Accidentally Flies Couple’s Rescue Dog To Different Country Where She Was Kept In Cage For 60 Hours

It can be difficult and even stressful to travel with dogs at times. When preparing for a vacation with their pet, owners have a lot to think about, especially if the journey will be long. Determine whether it is possible to stop along the way to feed your pet. Additionally, if you have a dog, you must plan when you may stop traveling so the animal can go potty.

However, taking a dog along for a trip on an airline adds a whole other layer of worry and hardship. When Madison and James Miller flew with their black labrador mix puppy, Bluebell, from England to the United States, they unhappily encountered one of the worst-case scenarios. James and Bluebell took a flight the next day, leaving Madison on November 30, 2022. The Millers had paid $2,100 exclusively for Bluebell to go.

The pair stated that their dog accidentally boarded a flight that transported her to Saudi Arabia rather than accompanying them to Nashville, Tennessee. They were appalled by the situation and scared for the welfare of their dog. Fortunately, Bluebell is unharmed, but this error undoubtedly had an effect on her. The poor dog now finds it quite difficult to be left alone.

The Millers have complained about the airline they used, saying that it hasn’t done enough to address this terrible situation.

James Miller told NPR, “We did everything correctly transporting Bluebell to America with us, and it’s been an awful disaster. “She might never be the same, we don’t know. It makes our hearts ache.”
When British Airways and its sibling company IAG Cargo delivered Bluebell to Saudi Arabia rather than Tennessee, James and Madison claimed that they had not done enough to address the issue. All dogs must fly in the hold, but don’t worry, our knowledgeable providers will make sure they’re as comfortable as you are, according to the British Airways website.

The almost 5-year-old rescue dog and her cage, however, were not there when James arrived in Nashville. A staff worker eventually revealed that Bluebell had unintentionally been sent to the incorrect flight. The couple requested a “proof of life” photograph in which Bluebell could be seen in her cage. Unfortunately, it took them two more days before they could be reunited.

The Millers claimed that their dog was confined to her kennel for more than 60 hours without much to no access to food or sunshine. The error had a significant effect on Bluebell. James clarified:

“We cannot not simply abandon her. After the experience, the first time we attempted to leave her home alone, she ripped apart her kennel in the first 10 minutes. The following time, she sobbed the entire time as she chewed through a wooden door.

In order to assist cover Bluebell’s separation anxiety-related behavioral treatment, anxiety medications, and the cost of replacing any damaged home objects, the Millers sought British Airways for around $9,810 in compensation.

“We are extremely sorry for the recent mishap that happened during Bluebell’s voyage to Nashville,” an IAG Cargo spokeswoman stated. However, a spokesperson informed the owners of Bluebell that “no monetary compensation is available” and instead proposed 50,000 frequent flyer miles, which the Millers declined. In order to “resolve the matter,” the corporation stated it is still collaborating with the Millers.

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