A Man Brings An Abandoned Dog To A Pet shop And Buys Everything The Dog Touches

Rocky Kanaka has decided to take King, a stray dog, to a pet store where he will purchase King whatever he touches, so he’s back at it once again! King was hit by a car, lost a limb, and was first ignored, but he is now doing well.

He only needs a permanent residence, but first, a royal canine shopping frenzy!

Rocky brings King to the local Petco with the intention of buying the canine almost everything he sees.

This dog had never been in a pet store and had undoubtedly never seen a toy before, so it would be an understatement to say that he was thrilled.

When Rocky said he’d buy the dog anything, he truly meant it. even the enormous cat tower! What a great deed to help a dog in need. Check out the complete video down below; it’s the finest!

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