90-year-old woman makes over 100 handmade quilts for those in need this year

The majority of 90-year-olds are taking it easy, enjoying life in the slow lane, and reaping the rewards of their effort.

But 90-year-old Bonnie Engle, who makes quilts for impoverished families in Oregon, is busier than she’s ever been.
As part of the Hermiston Police Department’s annual Christmas Express program, which offers food and assistance for families during the holidays, a resident of Desert Sage Manor in Hermiston established the custom 20 years ago.

The diligent senior has since created more than 2,000 quilts for the police force.
This year, a 90-year-old Hermiston woman prepared several handmade quilts for those in need; KEPR officers recognized her generosity by awarding her with a certificate.

To help people in need, Bonnie has created more than 100 handmade quilts this year.

“Doing something for them feels fantastic. It’s incredibly essential, as Bonnie told ABC 7 News, so thank you to the community for the fabric gifts.

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