2-year-old can’t contain his excitement after seeing mom walking down aisle, steals the show

For each bride, the most crucial moment is when she walks down the aisle to her spouse. You often feel a variety of emotions in the minutes leading up to your walk down the aisle.

The overwhelming emotions the man experiences often drive him to cry a little as he sees his wife approaching. However, in this tale, the groom wasn’t the only one who had strong feelings upon seeing the bride.
Kristie Mihelich had everything set up precisely for her big day, including her stunning wedding dress. The sweet memories the Troy, Michigan native has of her wedding day span a number of occasions.

On April 22, Kristie and Bobby Mihelich were scheduled to exchange vows in West Bloomfield, Michigan’s Planterra Conservatory. The pair had been preparing for their nuptials for some time.

Even if you meticulously prepare everything, something unexpected occasionally could happen. And in this instance, the couple’s two-year-old son Pierson was the surprise.

Not just the bride’s husband, who is also Pierson’s father, began to cry as soon as she walked down the aisle. The toddler shouted when he spotted his mother wearing a stunning all-white bridal gown.

Then, with his arms outstretched in greeting, he sprinted down the aisle toward his mother.

In a subsequent interview, Kristie Mihelich recalled the incident: “They both saw me down at the aisle and their mouths dropped and he said, ‘Huh?’ like he was like, ‘Hi mom!’ and he shook both of his hands heartily and then he just sprints at me.

It was the loveliest thing, said Kristie. I had assumed he would wait patiently for me, but instead he took off for his mother.

Since Kristie reports that the video has been shared many times and that she has received dozens of lovely notes, it appears that her son Pierson, whom she affectionately refers to as “Piercy,” made a lot of people happy.
Because she is aware of how much optimism is needed in people’s lives, Kristie decided to share the film with the entire globe.

She said in an interview that she and her husband had initially intended for Pierson to serve as the ring bearer, but it didn’t work out during the rehearsal dinner since the toddler was more interested in playing and running about.

Kristie said she had to keep telling herself that as long as Pierson was there, it would still be amazing.

It was exactly like a dream come true, she remarked. I mean, I couldn’t have depicted the ideal day any better. Additionally, it was just like a movie.
And much like a movie, her closest friend, a photographer who runs Orange Blossoms Photography, captured it all on camera.


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Pierson has a strong personality and enjoys showmanship, according to Kristie. According to his mother, the two-year-old continued the celebration after the ceremony and didn’t leave the dance floor until after midnight.
His mother is overjoyed that her son has become a viral phenomenon. As for Pierson’s plans following his internet fame, he intends to celebrate his 3-year birthday this weekend in style!

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