101-Year-Old Mom Forced Her Son To Pull Over At Sight Of Snow So She Could Play

Have you ever had the need to do something impulsive, such as take a nighttime walk by yourself or eat at a restaurant you haven’t been to in a long time? People may act irrationally for a variety of reasons. They could have just wished to take a trip down memory lane, or they might have simply felt like doing things. However, occasionally, individuals act irrationally because they are aware that these are things they might never experience or bring back. For someone who made the most of her life, that couldn’t be more accurate.

Albina Foisy, a 101-year-old from the British Columbian hamlet of Lillooet, won the hearts of many in November 2015 by bringing out the kid in her despite having lived a life that had already exceeded a century at the time.

One of the most sincere expressions you’ll likely witness from a centenarian was her response when she went for a walk in the snow. She was not only joyful, but she was utterly ecstatic.

On Facebook, her son Armand posted a video of her that, as of 2022, has received 10 million views.

Albina may be seen in the video producing a snowball while giggling and beaming. She flung it as hard as she could after forming one. Playing in the snow is kind of enjoyable, Albina commented.

Here is evidence that you may live to be 100 years old if you find true delight in the little things, Armand stated in the video’s caption.

In Lillooet, according to Armand, it was pouring, but then it abruptly began to snow, which is unusual for their community. He and his mother thus made the decision to see whether any traffic was entering.
“About three kilometers from the town, I made a turn. But before we could resume driving, the door swings open, and mum emerges “The film was narrated by Armand.

“It’s a good idea to have the camera close by when your mother is 101 years old so you can capture those priceless moments. One of those is this “He revealed.

Albina was speechless in shock and delight when she watched herself on television. Armand had the opportunity to record the priceless moment as well. “That is absolutely me! Oh no, “said Albina

Albina, like the majority of regular people who watch themselves on television, was shocked to see that she had made it to the news.

In an interview with Global News, Albina said, “I’m a celebrity, for heaven’s sake, and I don’t know it.

According to Armand, his mother’s response is “extremely happy and shocked,” which is an understatement.

Armand highlighted how wonderful his mother had always been. Armand told ABC News, “It was one of those naive moments that came around quite regularly with my mother.”

Albina’s status is unknown, however Armand last released a video with her in it on his birthday in 2019.

People claimed that despite the fact that Albina’s movie had been online for years, they simply couldn’t stop viewing it. “I can’t help but grin every time I see this. She was such a unique woman, “On Armand’s video, one person left a remark.

“Such a great. I’m delighted you captured this special moment with your mother “Added someone another.

While some may disagree, Armand did an excellent job capturing Albina’s footage of her enjoying the snow. It’s one of the most valuable and memorable ones.

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