Woman celebrates 114th birthday with 97-year-old primary caregiver sister – last 2 left of 20 siblings left

We like celebrating our birthdays as kids. But as we become older, we frequently lose that sense of surprise and excitement. But people close to us desire to mark our significant occasions.

This woman recently turned 114, and her family, in particular her little sister, wanted to make sure she was honored!

This past Saturday marked Nina Willis’ 114th birthday. Given that so few individuals in the world are able to live this long, this is no minor accomplishment!

Elders are frequently honored in Nina’s household. She is constantly surrounded by her family and friends because they are treated with respect and decency. Her primary carer is her younger sister Piccola. Piccola is 97 years of age!

They are really important to me. I just adore them both, Beverly Frazier, my niece, stated.

She makes me laugh a lot and simply makes my heart happy, another relative added, expressing what a delight Nina was.
The majority of their lives have been spent in Georgia, where the two sisters have lived together. However, there weren’t simply the two of them when they first began. Nina and Piccola were just two of the twenty siblings in total.

Piccola said with excitement, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. She’s my pride and joy. If I live long enough, I’ll take care of her.
Willis may be the state’s senior citizen. She has been confined to a bed for some time, yet she is grateful to be alive!

She may be in bed, but her mind is sharp and she speaks and remarks to everyone quickly!

She and her siblings all worked on a farm before they all relocated to Atlanta in 1947.

Even at the age of 100, according to her niece Fraizer, Nina was still mentally bright! We would be sitting here and she would be gazing out the window and seeing a jet up in the air, and I would be asking, “Where?” while she was still reading the newspaper without glasses. Fraizer spoken.
The sisters’ longevity was attributed, according to Piccola, to “doing the right thing. treating others fairly.

The family attributes their longevity to their love and respect for one another. According to Frazier, “They’re basically kind and compassionate folks who love God and love each other.”

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