Store worker takes elderly widower out on a date after finding out he’s spending Christmas alone

Even though most of us spend the holidays with our families, it’s vital to remember those who experience Christmas alone every year.

The holidays are the worst time of year to be alone since there are frequent reminders of gatherings with family and friends.

Before he met store employee Ellie Walker in 2017, 86-year-old Edwin Holmes was facing a Christmas alone and a frozen ready supper for one.

The 22-year-old employee of the Sainsbury’s grocery store chain in the UK and Edwin were frequent customers.
He is without a doubt Ellie’s favorite client, she told The Sun.

The retired decorator and painter in Leeds, England, resides in protected accommodation close to the shop. His daughter and grandkids reside in Australia, while his wife passed away more than 50 years ago.

When Ellie inquired about Edwin’s Christmas plans and learned that he would be spending them alone, she knew she had to take action.

He is the most adorable and talkative dude. I reasoned that if it were my grandfather, I would want someone to chat to him if he was by alone.

“The supper brought me much joy.”
As a result, Ellie asked Edwin to a dinner reservation at the supermarket’s restaurant. Edwin even dressed to impress and brought Ellie flowers.

Christmas supper was shared by the two, and there were even crackers, a well-known British holiday custom.

According to Metro News, he stated after the date, “The supper made me extremely pleased as it was unexpected and I had really good company.”

Regarding the outfit, I explained, “It was my first date in nearly 55 years, and I wasn’t going to go empty handed.
The two are now close friends and grab coffee together frequently.

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