Newborn’s face lights up when she hears her daddy’s voice

Babies may hear noises in the womb as early as 16 weeks, and many parents sing to their unborn children while they develop in the womb. If the child hears the same song after they are born, it may enable the child to feel calmer.

According to La Repblica, one couple in Brazil experienced this directly when their child was born and heard her father’s voice for the first time outside the womb.
The birth of their daughter Antonella thrilled Flavio Dantas and his companion Tarsila Rosa.

The soon-to-be father from Rio de Janeiro spoke to his unborn child every morning while she was still in the womb, but he had no idea how her birth would affect him.

Before he left for work each morning, he spoke to his infant, and Tarsila saw how she would move when he heard his voice.
Her face was a picture when she came on August 11, Father’s Day in Brazil, when her father talked to her for the first time outside of the womb.

When she heard that Flavio and her father were crying, Antonella’s face lighted up.

In that instant, people tend to ignore their sorrow and concentrate on the most genuine grin they have ever seen. Father’s Day saw the birth of my princess, Tarsilo posted on Facebook.

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