Lucky ticket-holder wins $1.35 billion jackpot overnight on Mega Millions lottery

One lucky person’s life completely transformed overnight after they won the Mega Millions and awoke to a tidy $1.35 billion.

Indeed, the fortunate lottery player picked all six numbers perfectly on Friday night (January 13), winning three months’ worth of draws that had no winner. The Daily Mail said that the winning numbers were gold Mega Ball 14, 30, 43, 45, 46, and 61.

The Mega Millions website states that the winner from Friday night is from Maine in the United States, and the next grand prize will be a whooping $20 million, with a cash option of $10.7 million.
Winners must disclose both their first name and the first initial of their surname name in accordance with Maine statutes that prohibit winners from remaining anonymous.

The winner of the $1.35 billion will receive yearly payouts totaling around $46.5 million over a 29-year period. No huge deal.

The chances of winning the grand prize were one in 302.6 million.

But as one lady discovered after receiving $1 million at the age of just 17, winning millions doesn’t necessarily result in happiness.
As was previously said, Jane Park from Edinburgh, Scotland, purchased her first lottery ticket when she was a teenager and went on to win the outstanding sum. The young lady, however, came on Dr. Phil to talk about her difficulties after winning.

She said in the segment that the triumph was quite exciting at first. The national lottery’s administrator, Camelot, advised her to go public right away, telling her that a 17-year-old winning $1 million was quite unusual.

She told Dr. Phil that the gambling and lottery entry age limits in the UK were 18 and 16, respectively. “You couldn’t purchase smokes or alcohol in the store, you couldn’t enter a casino, but you could play the lottery,” said the man.
“I essentially wanted them to pay attention, like I was phoning and telling them to raise the legal drinking age. They were never going to pay attention, so I made a big deal out of it “Added she.

Jane began advocating for the age restriction to be lifted to 18 after winning the reward, and this was finally accomplished when she threatened to sue the lottery business.

Biggie Smalls was clearly correct when he wrote the famous song “Mo Money, Mo Problems”!

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