Janitor who walks miles to work drops to his knees after coworkers raise $7,000 for new truck

Robert Reed and others like him helped to build the United States. The 60-year-old janitor puts in a lot of effort and goes above and beyond to make sure that he is always approachable and kind to the youngsters that visit his school.

The Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee, has employed Robert as a school janitor for almost four months, according to sources.

Yet it’s only taken that brief time for him to win over the students who interact with him on a regular basis. Robert is reputed to frequently look for more work at the school after completing his janitorial responsibilities.

However, there was one thing about Reed that the pupils at the school were unaware of: he lacked a car.
In order to go to school on time, the 60-year-old actually took three buses and walked two kilometers each day. He would then retrace the route at the end of the day, which meant he typically wouldn’t get at home until after eight o’clock.

His employees were aware of Robert’s difficulties with his commute. Some days after school, some of them drove him to the bus stop, while others gave him cash for sandwiches. While it was difficult without a truck, the janitor had hoped to establish a yard company to supplement his income.

Then, one day, employees made the decision to go even farther with their kindness. In order to do something genuinely unique for Robert, they pooled their resources and, following an online fundraising, purchased him a new vehicle.

Robert was, as one might expect, completely taken aback by the surprise his employees had planned. In fact, he was so stunned that he fell on his knees.

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