Janet Jackson Opens Up About Being Pregnant At 50

Janet Jackson is no stranger to the music industry or to living in the

public eye as a member of the notorious Jackson family. She is the Jackson
family’s youngest child. Although it is obvious that Jackson was influenced
by her elder siblings, she has established her own reputation and prepared
the route for her solo career.

Jackson was nurtured with a passion of music and was born on May 16, 1966.
She is renowned for including elements of funk, disco, rap, rhythm and
blues, and industrial sounds in her music. Jackson’s songs frequently
include sentimental lyrics that address significant societal concerns.
Jackson is not only a fantastic singer and composer, but she is also a
phenomenal dancer. She also has acting experience, demonstrating just how
multifaceted this celebrity is.


In 1976, the gifted woman started her career on a variety television
program called “The Jacksons,” and since then, her popularity has soared.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, she made numerous additional shows. As she
sought to break down barriers, Jackson’s distinctive voice and flawless
choreography during the 1980s and 1990s made her a household name. Since
then, she has won several accolades.
Given her renowned family and relationship to Michael Jackson, known as the
“King of Pop,” Jackson’s status as a lightning rod for controversy is hardly
surprise. Her “wardrobe malfunction” at a Super Bowl halftime show was one
of her most infamous professional moments, and it caused her career to
drastically decline. While the shock of the episode has now subsided,
Jackson was once more the subject of media rumors and criticism when she
revealed she was expecting and would give birth to her first child in her
Jackson is no stranger to the spotlight as a performer; he has received a
lot of acclaim and attention as well as a lot of reaction and criticism. She
received some of her first criticism after performing with Justin Timberlake
during the Super Bowl halftime performance in 2004. Jackson’s bustier was
partially removed by Timberlake during a duet of “Rock Your Body” owing to a
“wardrobe malfunction,” leaving her extremely exposed. However, Jackson
received the most of the unfavorable commentary, which hurt her
A two-part documentary named “Janet Jackson” was published in late January
2022, providing audiences an inside look at Jackson’s career as an artist
and what to look forward to from her in the future. Even a little excerpt
from Michael Jackson’s brand-new song “Luv I Luv” was shown in the
documentary. It also provided insight into her third marriage to Wissam Al
Mana, the executive director of the Al Mana Group, who is now her
Eissa was the name of the boy they had together before they split up. She
made the announcement of her pregnancy in October 2016. For every expectant
woman, this should be a time of immense delight, but Jackson was instead
barraged with criticism. This was due to the fact that she would give birth
to the kid at the age of 50.
When males make choices that don’t always follow societal norms, women
frequently find themselves on the receiving end of such choices. Such was
the case with Jackson, despite the fact that the music icon was obviously
overjoyed about the approaching arrival of her child, as she expressed in a
press release:
“We give God praise for his blessing.”
The media went wild despite this. Reports of her pregnancy started to
surface, along with expert statements and cautions on the risks and hazards
of conceiving and giving birth to a kid at such a “advanced” age.

One of these feigned critical articles was published in Vogue in October
2016. Jackson was barely mentioned in the study, which focused on how women
of “advanced age” may become pregnant, the methods accessible to them,
safety measures, and hazards. Women in their 40s and 50s are still able to
conceive, “if they have the resources… the mental endurance and courage to
persevere through rounds of IVF, blood tests, and hormones; and the
availability to specialists who can provide such treatments,” the article’s
conclusion said. Several other stories that wrote about Jackson followed
suit, firmly hinting that the singer had either had IVF or had her eggs
stored. One reproductive center even went so far as to include her in an
editorial for advertising.


While it’s common for the media to speculate about celebrities, it’s
obvious that Jackson didn’t want to participate and has never explicitly
said if she used IVF to conceive. Jackson opts to pay attention to her
personal blessings rather than what the majority of others are saying. She
was very honest about the difficulties of becoming a mother.
“Being a working mother is challenging. No nanny here for me. All of it is
done by me. There is no reason I cannot do it as my mother managed to raise
nine children. Of course, someone watches him when I’m at work, but it’s
just my kid and me. Though often difficult, my life has altered. Obviously,
my infant is the priority “She told Stellar, the Daily Telegraph
Jackson seems to have gotten used to being a mother now that Eissa is 5
years old. She posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to Eissa on Instagram in
February 2022 with the message, “You’re maturing so quickly. Such a lovely
and intellectual youngster. I hope your life is filled with wonderful
experiences. Your mother loves you.”

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