Hospice nurse took care of baby on brink of death – 18 years later she’s asked to take his graduation pictures

The personnel at hospice care facilities is always prepared for sad goodbyes since they are aware that most patients never make it out of their care alive.

Of sure, there are miracles that go against all logic. And among them was Branden West.
His parents were concerned about Branden West’s survival even before he was born. Doctors advised his mother Cheri West to have a prenatal screening after learning that her unborn child had certain issues that would make living with him tough due to his unique requirements.

The family learned that their son’s health was not as serious as they had initially believed after he was delivered. Branden’s face and skull were shaped differently as a result of Pfeiffer syndrome, which he was born with.

The kid was only expected to survive to be 18 months old by the time he was born, according to the doctors.
His parents made the decision to put him in hospice care, knowing he wouldn’t have much time left, to make the short time he had left on earth as comfortable as possible. Little Brendan first saw Michele Eddings while receiving hospice care.

Eddings can still clearly recall the day she learned she would have to place a young child in hospice care. She remembers, “I was anticipating it to be a really difficult, painful, emotional encounter the day I went to accept him. These parents were, after all, submitting their infant child to hospice.
However, she was surprised to find a smiling little child who appeared to be in a good mood. One of Brendan’s health problems was his respiratory system.

She recalls one anxious night when the young kid had trouble breathing and she wasn’t sure whether he would survive the night. It was simply too difficult for him, his family, and everyone involved in his care, said Eddings. “I recall asking with God to please just take him or make him well.”

Thankfully, Branden made it through and did actually improve. “Braden was the first patient I’d ever had the pleasure of ‘discharging’ from Hospice Care,” remembers Eddings with affection.
Eddings had the pleasure of witnessing Branden receive his diploma from Apollo High School in 2020, when he became 18 years old. Nobody believed he would survive to see the day he walked on stage to earn his diploma, so she saw him do it.

Eddings even photographed and manipulated images of her former patient to commemorate his graduating from high school since she was so happy to see him succeeding in life.

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