Golden Retriever Dubbed Hero Dog For Protecting Two Sisters Who Went Missing In The Woods

Known as a hero dog, Artemis, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, saved two little sisters who were lost in the woods for four hours. Abigail and Cecilia Bourg of Folsom, Louisiana, strayed too far from their house and comfort zone in October of that year while playing with their devoted dog.

When Justin and Mary Bourg, the parents of the children, realized that it was possible that their two little daughters, both under seven, might never return, they were inconsolable. Abigail and Cecilia had been playing with Artemis on their six-acre property only a few hours before they vanished, like they had done countless times before.

Every parent’s greatest fear involves a lost kid, much less two missing girls. However, Mary was sure she would locate her girls since they were familiar with certain areas of the woods and this was where they liked to play with the Golden Retriever.

But as the hours passed and the sun set, Justin said that he began to worry about his kids’ safety. The first 48 to 72 hours are crucial for finding missing persons, say the experts. There will be fewer leads for investigators to pursue if the search goes on past this point.

The experts added that spreading as much information as you can about missing persons can improve the search for leads by the police. Mary quickly posted on Facebook about her girls becoming lost in the woods after notifying the authorities of the situation. She also informed the household’s church congregation.

The story of Abigail and Cecille becoming lost in the woods quickly spread across their town of Folsom.
A neighbor called Rooster Cowart also went outside the woods in search of the girls while the police explored the area with search teams, drones, rescuers on horseback, ATVs, and helicopters. He was aware of the dangers in the region, such as a herd of ferocious wild pigs. Cowart was certain that he heard the girls sobbing when Artemis barked and appeared to repel a menace.

Cowart and the other rescuers were able to find the girls moments later, and they noticed that Artemis was apprehensive of the strangers approaching them. Mary claimed that Artemis, the Golden Retriever, was snarling at the rescuers as the dog circled the girls.

“He was shielding the kids, so I don’t know how long it took for the personnel to really obtain access to the kids.”

One of Cowart’s rescuers, Michael Leake, told the mother of the kids that Artemis nearly bit him off when he ran towards the girls. However, without Artemis pursuing her, his wife April was able to approach Abigail and Cecilia. Before April could pet the dog, she let the dog sniff her hand and clothing.

When they discovered the missing children, Cecilia was laying on the ground and quite afraid, according to the rescuers, who informed Mary that her oldest daughter was quiet. When they emerged from the trees, the smaller youngster grabbed hold of April.

After a four-hour experience, Mary thanked all the kind people who had assisted in finding her girls and had also cared for Artemis afterwards. The girls explained to their parents that they were following the dog when they strayed too far.

But according to Justin, Artemis will receive a pass because of the way he zealously guarded his daughters.

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