Fully Tattooed Father Hopes To Achieve World Record With Candy Canes Hanging In His Piercings

Most, if not all, individuals have come into contact with someone who enjoys getting tattoos, but that person is undoubtedly not as enamored of tattoos as one Canadian man whose body is entirely covered in ink. Of course, his love of tattoos and body piercings made others laugh. However, he also did something else that was noticed by everyone throughout the holidays in 2021, and he made sure to step it up in 2022.

Due to the tattoos he claimed covered 95% of his body, one Canadian who goes by the moniker Remy on Instagram has amassed a sizable following among those who are ink-obsessed.

He really gets tattooed about three times a week, as like his affinity for tattoos weren’t already abundantly clear.

“I get one to three tattoo sessions per week. I have several images and videos of that material “explained he.

The father of one has elaborate floral and geometric tattoos covering vast areas of flesh on his scalp, neck, and face, as well as completely blackout tattoos on his arms and legs.

Huge fangs are painted on his torso, and a skull and wings are added to his upper chest.

More than 203,000 people follow him on Instagram thanks to his unique appearance, and they frequently support his enthusiasm by giving him encouraging comments and compliments on the images he shares of his “body of work.”

Remy has several distinctive and intriguing piercings in addition to his tattoos to complete the aesthetic he is looking for.

Remy, meantime, is unfazed by any criticism and has persisted in finding place on his body for new works of art despite doubters asking if there is any room left for them.
Remy did not, however, waste his $1,300 on ink. He genuinely hopes to break a world record. If [Guinness World Records] had followed my voyage, he said, “I’d have anywhere between five and twenty different world records.”

He has already applied to Guinness to break the record, but he hasn’t heard back yet.

He hanged sweets on his face piercings in 2021 in the form of little candy canes. He added a large candy cane between his nostrils as the last touch.

In order to give his piercings a holiday air, he also took care to put Christmas lights to them.

He remarked, “My family and I often go on a Christmas lights drive and drink eggnog lattes.

In December 2022, he again pierced a candy cane through his nose, but this time it was much larger as if the first one wasn’t big enough. Yes, he had to “lube it up” before putting it through the holes in his nose since it was so large.

“largest candy cane ever! In this year, I had to step it up. This one has a staggering 23.5 mm measurement. Not to fit it through my septum but rather to get it past my very maxed-out nostrils, I had to lubricate it “He stated in a post on Instagram.

“I may or may not hold a world record for the most candy canes in someone’s piercings,” he stated in reference to perhaps setting a record this time.

At the end of the day, Remy represents tradition as well as acknowledgment.


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Tradition is crucial, and it should be clear by now that I’ve always been one to go all out for the holidays.

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