Four-year-old calls 911 and saves mom’s life after finding her unconscious on the floor

Isla Glaser, 4, was at home with her mother and brothers when an event occurred that would have frightened even the most courageous adult.

When the young girl entered the kitchen, she saw her mother Haley Glaser lying on the floor unresponsive.

When Isla’s mother experienced the medical crisis, she was at her Franklin Township, New Jersey, home with her 2-year-old sister and 1-year-old twin brothers.

Even though she was only 4 years old, she acted boldly and dialed 911.
On December 6, 2019, Isla informed the 911 operator that her mother had fallen and was unable to speak.

They were in the kitchen, she said, but she had her eyes closed and wasn’t dozing off.

She remained on the phone, patiently responding to queries and informing the dispatcher of her address and the fact that her father was at work.

When the emergency services came, Isla was able to unlock the front entrance of the house and summon the family dogs outside. Even her younger siblings were fed and well-cared for by mom.
According to News 12 New Jersey, Haley was taken to the hospital in a critical condition and spent many days there suffering from a bacterial infection.

Because Isla’s mother has a physical problem, Haley and her husband have taught their older children what to do in this situation. This is a crucial life lesson.

Her delighted mother told ABC News, “She easily might have been afraid, and she was presented with a really potentially terrible circumstance, but she conducted herself with full and absolute control and poise.”
Isla’s kind deeds so pleased the neighborhood police force that they held a celebration in her honor.

Lt. Phillip Rizzo of the Franklin Township Police remarked, “I know adults who cannot handle this sort of circumstance with that much bravery, composure, and distinction.”

The young lady was appointed an honorary junior police officer and lauded for her “brave and courageous efforts.”

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