Four Little Girls Reunite For Cancer ‘Warriors’ Photoshoot After Forging Unbreakable Friendship In Hospital

It seems like there is always more negative news regarding the situation of our planet these days when you turn on the television. Most of us are looking desperately for a cause to smile in these turbulent times.

The narrative of Lauren Glynn, Ava Luciano, Chloe Grimes, and McKinley Moore is all you need if you want a story to make you smile again and remind you that there are still wonderful things in this chaotic world. These lovely little girls were all battling cancer a few years ago. They were all receiving care at the John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, despite having various specific diseases.

Everyone who has ever had a sick kid can attest to how stressful and trying the treatment period was for the families of all four tiny girls. For new parents, learning that their child has cancer might seem like the end of the world.

The four little girls become close friends despite the fact that this period was filled with heartache and conflict for their families. The friendship that these four courageous individuals shared kept them happy and positive throughout all of the hospital stays and invasive procedures.

Each young girl finally overcame her condition as the months went by. Lauren was the final little child to be pronounced cancer-free on that absolutely remarkable day for the four girls and their families, according to Fox13 News.

The young ladies got together again in 2018 to memorialize the event, and the stunning before-and-after images will make you cry. The girls posed joyfully together, their friendship still thriving and free of cancer.
Ava, Lauren, McKinley, and Chloe developed a strong bond, according to TODAY. “We were grateful that they had other children who could relate to one another’s struggles,” Ava’s mother Alyssa said.

While they were still undergoing treatment for cancer, the four girls participated in a picture session. All four of them were still receiving intensive chemotherapy the first year we did it, and they were all still sort of hobbling, according to Alyssa.

But in 2018, all of the ladies were cancer-free, and they got back together for another picture shoot to commemorate the event. “Alyssa stated, “I believe it’s about appreciating the present and how far and how much they’ve evolved. Added her:

“This year, they were leaping, which was something they had all worked so hard to achieve in physical therapy. Now they won’t stay still for us!

This was demonstrated in a behind-the-scenes video posted to Facebook, when Avan, Lauren, McKinley, and Chloe were seen dancing and jumping in unison. The main thing was that they couldn’t stop grinning.

The adorable photo of the buddies, which was posted by the John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, was well-received. Blessings for the four heroes, their families, and their physicians, one individual prayed.

Fox13 News described the four girls as “survivors” in a different video.

The four girls and their family intend to keep the picture session as a tradition for a very long time. “We will be there any moment the hospital can get the ladies together,” Alyssa stated. “I hope we’re still doing this in 20 years, we said during the picture session.

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