Fans Drop Harsh Comments About Simon Cowell’s Unrecognizable Face On New ‘BGT’ Promo

Simon Cowell, a notorious talent show judge, has a new lease on life owing to a rigid, healthy lifestyle he practices that includes consistent exercise and a well-balanced, nourishing food.

For his work on programs including “American Idol,” “The X Factor,” “Britain’s Got Talent,” and “America’s Got Talent,” the singing and talent judge has achieved fame.

As a talent show judge, he is frequently renowned for making headlines with his direct and contentious remarks, which occasionally include insults and even jokes about the participants’ singing ability. Cowell’s severe criticism, nevertheless, has had a positive effect by bringing together acts like Fifth Harmony and One Direction.

Cowell spends time with his family, which consists of his longtime partner Lauren Silverman and their gorgeous son Eric, who reside together at their family home in Malibu, California, when he is not busy judging others on television or working with other musical talents.

Cowell has had several challenging situations in his life during the past 12 months. After suffering a catastrophic accident with a brand-new electric bicycle, he was taken to the hospital and required many weeks of physical treatment.

In recent years, Cowell’s appearance has drawn criticism as well, with many pointing out how his face, in particular, has changed with age.

The businessman has subsequently acknowledged that he overdid it with injectables like botox and filler. A brand-new video of him only lately surfaced online, shocking the world with how different he had turned out to be.
Cowell was born to a middle-class family on October 7, 1959, in Brighton, East Sussex, the United Kingdom. Cowell became well-known in the music industry and was regarded as a leading figure in the entertainment sector. In 2002, he was appointed a judge on the well-known American talent competition program “American Idol.”

He was viewed as the cruel judge in comparison to Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, who were the other members of the judging panel, because of the way he dealt with the competitors.

Cowell, 63, was well-known for using botox and fillers to maintain his young appearance on television.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a reputable plastic surgeon, criticized Cowell in 2020 for getting too much botox and filler injected into his face. Cowell fractured his back after falling off a brand-new electric trail bike outside of his Malibu house in the same year.

He even had to take a sabbatical from his valued position as a judge on “America’s Got Talent” due to the event. Many of Cowell’s admirers have noted how drastically different the music tycoon looks since making numerous healthy lifestyle modifications.

Cowell admitted earlier this year that he felt the need to stop tampering with his face, especially while using fillers. He said that he seemed to be “something out of a horror movie,” according to The Sun. He clarified:

“There was a time when I may have pushed things a little too far. The other day, I came upon a photo of myself from “before,” and I initially didn’t identify it as being myself. “Enough was enough,” said Cowell. “My face has completely lost all of its filler. Zero.”
After making a cameo in one of “Britain’s Got Talent’s” promotional films months after making his previous speech, Cowell left fans and the general public wondering what had become of him.

The talent show judge appeared somewhat different in the now-deleted video of Cowell inviting contestants to audition for the upcoming season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” as his face appeared to be more shiny and smooth despite his beard growing out.

In comparison to his earlier images from the past few months, Cowell is also obviously leaner. This might be supported by the fact that he’s started a weight-loss journey as a result of the accident with the electronic bike.

Cowell spoke to The Sun in April 2022 about his extremely tight diet and 60-pound weight loss.

“There were just pies. As a result, he forwarded me a list of foods I must avoid, which included red meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten. And I largely adhered to it,” he told the media outlet.

This did not, however, stop people from criticizing him on social media, as he is now the target of the direct criticism he was infamously known for as a judge.

What in the world happened to Simon Cowell, who appears to be completely different from himself in his most recent video from yesterday, a user tweeted.

A picture of Simon Cowell’s wax figure from Madame Tussaud’s was displayed with the comment, “simon cowell’s wax work looks better than he does at this point.”

Why did Simon Cowell subject himself to this? Another person remarked, “He appears to have re-entered the earth’s atmosphere face first.

Although Cowell’s face now appears thinner, it is unknown if he decided to pursue a cosmetic procedure as a replacement for his decision to stop using botox and face fillers.

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