Couple who shares their birthday together welcome first baby – on their birthday

Perhaps one of the finest things in life are the coincidences we occasionally experience. Finding a life companion, for instance, who could share our birthdate.

And just as this pair believed their bizarre coincidences had come to an end, they shared another significant one!
Due to the fact that they both have the same birthday, Cassidy and Dylan Scott have been best friends for life. The pair shares the same birthday, which is December 18, and this is just one of many similarities between them.

They were expecting their first child together, and they were a young couple from Huntsville, Alabama. They never imagined that their own child would end up sharing their birthday with them.
Their son was born to Cassidy on December 18, 2022. The birthing facility, Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children, shared their experience on Facebook and noted that the likelihood of this happening was one in 133,000.

Lennon, their daughter, came at 12:30 a.m. on December 18 and just missed joining her parents in celebrating Lennon’s birth.

People were ecstatic by the serendipity this small family had.
According to Jennifer Giorgetti Padellford, “my husband, myself, and our son share the same birthday. Greetings from the club! Now age 31, our son. Over the years, it has evolved into a “Padellford family vacation” for us. Enjoy and get accustomed to hearing people’s shock when you tell them, lol! A happy birthday to each of you!

Barbara Moore McLendon, a different commenter, shared the synchronicity with the Scotts in every aspect. “My husband, myself, and my kid all have the same birthday, which also happens to be on December 18,” she added. Happy birthday to everyone!

Another person sent a straightforward birthday greeting for the family in the form of a remark, Dianne Wyatt writing, “Oh such a great birthday congrats!”

Really, what a wonderful thing to have happened. Exploring coincidences is usually interesting, but this kind of coincidence is on another level entirely!

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