Buddy, the dog left severely injured after being set on fire, can finally see again after his bandages were removed

How vicious some humans can be to pets is quite disturbing. These helpless creatures frequently experience unnecessary misery and pain.

That applied to one dog who had suffered a terrible attack that left his face horribly scorched. Fortunately, he has recently started producing. a miracle recovery made possible for some compassionate vets.

A dog named Buddy who was characterized as “happy and carefree” and who “never posed a threat to anyone” was set on fire in April, according to the Tunica Humane Society. He was discovered with an extension cable wrapped around his neck, his face fully burned and roasted black.
A youngster eventually admitted to lighting Buddy on fire, but because he is under the age of 12, he cannot be charged.

Buddy was placed in the care of the Tunica Humane Society in Mississippi, and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University provided him medical care. Buddy started his long but optimistic journey to recovery while under their care.

As with any burn patient, Buddy’s vital signs are okay, but as associate professor of veterinary surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Swanson told WTVA, “this is very much the base of a steep mountain to be climbed.”

“We’re making sure he’s comfortable, changing his bandages, and taking care of any issues as they come up.”
Thankfully, Buddy doesn’t seem to have lost his vision despite the severe incident. According to the Tunica Humane Society, the doctor said his eyes were still in good shape. Surgery will be performed to repair the damage to his eyelids, and once he recovers, he should be able to see somewhat.

Buddy still has bandages covering every inch of his upper torso at this time. But despite everything, he remains cheerful.

The Humane Society posted on Facebook that “he progresses daily.” Never never let his physicians down. Everyone involved has been quite happy with the way his skin grafts have turned out. Although the recovery from burn injuries is quite gradual, Buddy is doing exceptionally well.

He displayed a notable improvement in the look of his face after today’s bandage change. While recovering, Buddy is picking up some fundamental commands.
They said on Facebook that “This nice, gentle dog didn’t deserve what happened to him.” He posed no danger to anyone. It was really cold-blooded and planned.

“I hope Buddy’s terrible wounds weren’t in vain. that this tragedy will in some way result in something positive. Justice will be done in situations like Buddy’s when that transformation occurs.
August 2021 update:
Buddy has improved and is receiving the finest treatment possible from Mississippi State vets ever since his tale went viral a few months ago.

His need for bandages has decreased as a result of the skin grafts he has had to repair his burns, and he is gradually becoming the man he once was.

“He is much happier and more lively now that his ears are no longer bound by bandages. He must be experiencing great delight as his life gradually returns to normal, the Tunica Humane Society said in a previous report.
And on August 7, the rescue team said that Buddy’s recuperation had reached a “major turning point.”

For the first time in more than three months, Buddy was finally allowed to see when his bandages, which have fully covered his eyes since the assault, were removed without the need for heavy sedation.

The Humane Society stated that “his eyes were actually open and he was highly conscious.” In response to all of your many prayers, Buddy is still able to see.

“Buddy’s last vivid recollection was of the terrifying seconds shortly before a youngster set fire to his face. This dog’s entire existence altered in the space of a single instant.
For this sick pooch, being able to see was a significant step toward getting back to normal, and his caregivers believe his personality has started to emerge again.

Director of the Tunica Humane Society Sandy Williams told WREG that since Buddy was exposed to the outside world, “his entire demeanor has changed.”

He is joyful and energetic and is seen roaming the hospital’s hallways while carrying a huge ball. He enjoys balls. He moves about with them so that everyone can see.

The rescue posted a video of Buddy playing fetch:
Although it’s a significant development, Buddy isn’t completely out of the woods. His eyelids will need some work to protect his eyes because he hasn’t fully recovered, the Humane Society posted on Facebook.

Additionally, he will require some special care for the rest of his life due to the severity of his wounds.

Williams told WREG that the man’s “skin is going to be sensitive, his eyes will probably need eye drops, and he’ll have to wear sunscreen when he’s outside.” He won’t be a dog that can spend hours in the sun outside, says the owner.

The Humane Society says Buddy will soon be discharged from the hospital, and they will find him a foster home while he receives further treatment. Despite this, Buddy’s future still appears promising. Additionally, they hope to eventually place Buddy and his companion Snoop in a forever home.

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