Boyfriend and girlfriend give up each other as prom dates to go with students with special needs

One of the most memorable events in your life may be the prom in your senior year. Teenagers organize their attendance at events months in advance.

This young couple defied convention and chose not to travel together.

Young and contentedly married, Sydney and Logan Firkins are a couple. They could have gone to prom together a few years ago when they were both in high school, but they choose to go their own ways.

Although they were still dating at the time, they chose not to go on the date together.

They didn’t always intend to do that. Initially, the pair had every intention of going to prom together, but as the big day drew nearer, they changed their minds.

They changed their minds right before their prom in 2017, which was just around the corner. They each asked a special needs kid instead of asking each other to prom.

Sydney served as a peer facilitator in the Life Skills course at Princeton High School in Indiana while she was a high school student. She made Noah her buddy throughout her time as a peer facilitator.
Because of their common sense of humor and Noah’s outgoing nature, Sydney and Noah Heichelbech quickly grew close.

In 2017, Sydney praised Noah, saying, “Noah is just very kind and fun-loving, he says hi to everyone in the corridor.” “He’s simply an energy rush. Like, he’s my best buddy. He is superior.

She imagined how fantastic it would be if both of them could go to prom together because of how much fun she had with him. She was also aware that allowing a student with special needs to attend the ceremony would be a momentous occasion.

Since it was their first time, Sydney remarked, “I wanted everything to be about them so they could experience this great night.” Some children who enjoy them do not get to.

She talked about it with her boyfriend, and they both agreed to invite a student with disabilities to prom. Logan made the choice to enroll Harley, another Life Skills student.
The two of them then started preparing their “promposals.” Sydney scribbled something on a baseball and handed it to Noah since he played softball. Can I steal you for prom? was written on the baseball. She assisted him in reading the message, and as soon as Noah grasped the question, he answered positively!

Logan, on the other hand, gave Harley pink roses along with the beautiful note, “I’d be blooming pleased if you answered yes to prom.”

The idea that people care about me and want to involve me in things like this really melts my heart, said Noah, who was overjoyed to be allowed to attend.

Sydney also wanted to emphasize diversity rather than self-promotion. Many individuals have reached out to me and told me that this is really nice and that more people need to act like that, she added. It’s not about me, though. It’s all about them and the opportunity they have to achieve this.

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