8-year-old sees friend denied hot lunch: Pays off lunch debt for him and many others

Some folks simply have hearts of gold from birth. This has been demonstrated time and time again, generation after generation.

Cayden Taipalus, an 8-year-old student at Challenger Elementary in Howell, Michigan, is a perfect example for anybody who questions the idea. When the little boy observed that his friend was being given a cheese sandwich rather than a cooked meal because his account was low on funds, he realized that something needed to be done.

Taipalus made the decision to intervene rather than just let things go. It was a great move, as evidenced by the response that followed on social media.
Cayden Taipalus felt compelled to take action after seeing his friend receive a cheese sandwich for lunch rather than a cooked meal. When he returned home that day, he was so concerned over the incident that he asked his mother, Amber Melke-Peters, how he could prevent it from occurring again.

He created a fundraising website called “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry” with her assistance.

Cayden urged his friends, family, neighbors, and others to donate money after the website was up and running in order to assist settle the obligation for his friend’s meals.

That wasn’t all, though. In order to collect money on his own, the 8-year-old also started recycling. He then requested the lunch ladies to put the money to the accounts of the kids who needed it.
Cayden has earned approximately $7,000 since the start of his effort to help buy meals for more than 300 pupils. He wants to keep working so that no kid is ever denied a hot meal.

His mother reportedly told ABC News: “I am very incredibly proud of my kid. He is just eight years old, therefore I find it astounding that he understands this notion. He has a pure heart.
What began as a small stirring in Cayden’s gut developed into a project that not only shows the wonderful compassion of a youngster so young in years but also has the ability to ensure that many children receive a hot meal at lunchtime.

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