‘1000-lb Sisters’ Star Amy Slaton Sheds Almost Half Her Weight & Looks Like A New Woman

Many Americans, as well as anybody who can access it abroad, have developed a guilty enjoyment for the TLC television program “1000-lb Sisters.” A program that centers on the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton, two sisters who once together weighed more than 1,000 pounds, is based on their interactions. In the show, they struggle with being morbidly obese ladies and attempting to find their own way to happiness and health.

Similar to “My 600-lb Life,” “1000-lb Sisters” has a fan base of viewers who support Amy and Tammy as they overcome hurdles in life, particularly those pertaining to their health. While many people have come to love the sisters for their sense of humor and their bond with one another, others are dismayed and alarmed by how occasionally uninspired the sisters appear to be to take their own health and wellbeing seriously.

In order to improve their chances of living happier, healthier, and longer lives, both sisters make an effort to eat healthier and exercise more during each season. They receive assistance from healthcare specialists who provide them with direction and counsel to regulate their weight, which frequently errs on the side of medical danger. To the dismay of their physicians as well as themselves, they frequently cave in to their food addiction on their trips, which are characterized by ups and downs.

Although Amy started the series as the lighter of the two sisters, her drive has fluctuated throughout time. However, Amy, who is married, was desperate to become pregnant, a goal she could only accomplish if she could reduce her weight. This is a significant difference.
In January 2020, “1000-lb Sisters” debuted on television. In an explosive beginning, Amy and Tammy were forced to weigh themselves in a junkyard because no other scale could fit them before seeking medical counsel about undergoing bariatric surgery. Tammy hit the scales at 605 pounds, compared to Amy’s 406 pounds. Both women broke down in tears as they watched the numbers appear on the scale. The sisters looked to one another, though, and realized that, despite their shock, at least one of them shared their journey toward a happier and healthier life and understood their anguish.

At the start of the first season, Amy remarked that she and her sister “always understood that we just had each other.” The church would provide meals for us if we didn’t have fast food since we were so impoverished growing up. Amy, unlike her sister, is able to move about independently without the use of a walker or wheelchair, therefore she was able to engage in certain physical activities like swimming. Amy was able to shed some weight after a few months.

“Since I shed weight, I’ve discovered that walking is simpler for me. I want to take every possible step to have my operation authorized “stated Amy. She eventually managed to lose enough weight to have the operation, but while she waited on the hospital bed, she began to have second thoughts. She begged her husband, Michael Halterman, to contact Tammy because she couldn’t stop weeping. Amy had the procedure after hearing some encouraging remarks from her sister.

Amy’s dream was granted after all her effort when she gave birth to her firstborn son, Gage, in November 2020.
Amy’s commitment to have children propelled her down a great road, but one that was always susceptible to detours if she ever wavered. Amy returned to her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Charles Proctor, after delivering her first child, but he didn’t have many encouraging words for her.

In a January 2022 episode, he remarked, “When I first met Amy… one of her life objectives, not just to be married, was to have a kid, and at that moment it was impossible for her.” We’ve seen that having surgery is not a guarantee that someone would maintain their weight loss after losing it. “She hasn’t made any more attempt to improve her health, based on what I can tell. At this point, we’ve very much at a standstill.”

Amy picked herself back up, though, and by February 2022, she had continued to lose weight while being pregnant with her second child, reaching a low of 250 pounds.

“Because I’m eating well, I feel like I’m really losing weight while having this kid. Green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and tuna fish are some of Gage’s favorite foods “She spoke to The Sun.

She stated that although her family isn’t very strict about mealtimes, she isn’t bingeing as much. “I only eat when I’m hungry; I don’t have scheduled meals. I dropped from 406 to 250 pounds after a gastric bypass. Now that I am able to pursue him, I feel much better (Gage). Although it’s not as awful as when I was overweight, I do feel weary.”

She still hasn’t reached her goal weight of 150 pounds, but certain changes—like her new favorite dish—have helped.

All she had been craving was salad, and it had to include chicken breast.

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